Corporate Raiders – 208

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[Mac’s major, worrisome, “illness” (of last season’s finale) seems to have been largely ignored so far, except to reveal that it is endometriosis.]

Acting JAG, Turner (T), showed concern about how he had alienated his old friends. He clearly doesn’t have the same agenda as did Chegwidden, which is frustrating to Mac (M) and Harm(H). T asked Bud (B) if he had any “problem with my style of management.” Diplomatically, B said he didn’t; then, when pressed, said “there’s not a lot of room at the top for friendship.”

Mattie (Mt) returned from an extended stay with her dad, Tom. They announced that they were going to start up Grace Aviation again, and Tom asked H for a letter of reference. H was concerned about Mt’s burgeoning relationship with Kevin Reilly, a local boy, and had his version of a facts-of-life talk with her, saying she should “talk to her father.” Mt eventually said she needed H, and his “annoying personal questions,” then asked him to “reduce altitude” and kissed him on the cheek.

Mac and H investigated a “friendly fire” incident, where a marine unit was acting as “shadow advisors” to the bodyguards of a Kurdish leader, Mohammed Aziz. Retired Sgt. Maj. Thomas Elgart, of Battlefield Solutions (BS), was a consultant advisor to an Iraqi Civil Defense unit who were tracking a terrorist, and (“mistakenly”) engaged in a gunfight with the bodyguards (and their shadow advisors), killing a marine. Turner was all too happy to call it a “friendly fire” incident; but, Ann, the widow of Marine Cpl. Paul Sheehy, brought Emails her husband had sent before his death, implicating Battlefield Solutions as “trigger-happy mercenaries.” Mac and H continued their investigation and found that retired Commander John Merrick (previously court-martialed for collision of a destroyer) was now the CEO of BS, so they complained to him. He promised that he “would take care of it,” then called a general and asked for a court-martial of his own employee! Elgart was brought back to active duty, by order of the SECNAV, and court martialed.

Merrick then told Elgart that he didn’t think he was getting good defense (from H), and offered him $2 million to plead guilty to the court-martial that he had asked for! Harm coerced Elgart into not to taking it, saying: “2 million is a hell of a severance package.” Harm found that BS had recently merged with Henson-LeRoux, a company who had oil interests in the Kurdish area; and, that Merrick had received 200,000 shares of it’s stock. If the Kurdish area became independent, Aziz would become oil minister; and, because he had been openly antagonistic to the company, BS would suffer financial loss. Additionally, H discovered that Aziz had been previously “targeted to be: taken out by mistake,” on five separate occasions! Unbelievably, the five failed attempts were based upon false information from a confidential “informant.” Then, the informant also turned out to be under contract to BS, making H wonder if the information “wasn’t coming directly from BS’s board room” for their own corporate agenda. Elgart was found not-guilty, and Sheehy’s widow filed civil suit for, as H told Merrick, a lot “more than your $2 million.”

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