Whole New Ballgame – 209

Written by: Darcy Meyers; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[Introduction of Chegwidden’s replacement. Unfortunately, the “writer’s” made a big mistake in what character types JAG viewers would tolerate!]

Marine Col. Gordon Creswell (Cr) saved Gen Bixby from a helicopter crash in Iraq and was then made counsel to the joint chiefs of staff. He became the president’s candidate for JAG, now that Chegwidden had retired. The SECNAV claimed that “no one wants to saddle our good JAG lawyers with someone so bereft of people skills that they alienate all of them.” [Too bad he didn’t tell that to the writers] He then appointed his long time friend, Admiral Tom Kly, as president of the selection board, consisting of 2 marine and 2 navy admirals – despite Kly’s warnings of its appearance of impropriety. Bud (B) was appointed clerk of the board by Turner (T), and was asked stupid questions during the very heated debates. Creswell was finally selected.

Harm (H) was still upset by the appointment of T as interim JAG. Turner sent H and Mac (M) to investigate the shooting incident, of a Canadian Indians’ son, by an ensign, from the US vessel called in to settle a fishing dispute between Wolf Tillicum and long time nemesis George Young. The Ensign claimed that Tillicum’s son had threatened their inflatable with a rifle. The son initially denied it, claiming that it had only been a gaffing hook, but then changed his story under Hs questioning. M was very upset at Cr’s nomination because he was the Okinawa JAG who had reprimanded John Farrell when she had her affair with him. She felt that Cr will hold it against her and harass her over it. The SECNAV was uneasy over Cr’s lack of people skills and emotion. When told of his selection, Cr said “I’ll wait until it’s in writing,” then told the SECNAV “the part of me that you find unsettling (the marine part) won’t go away.”

Because of the SECNAVs use of Kly as chairman, the SECDEF decided to hold formal senate armed services committee confirmation hearings. Cresswell was asked about his feelings on homosexuality by Joyce Brothers; the legality of the Iraq war; holding detainees; and then, stupidly, about a specific rape case by a sniveling, snotty southern senator with an apparent axe to grind. All four on the panel seemed to act vigorously against incumbent policies and be very political. When a panelist told Cr that the Iraq war was not legal, Cr responded “tell that to the men being shot at.” When pressured, Cr told the sniveling senator not to retrospectively sensationalize the rape case for purposes of the hearing. Additionally, he voiced that both sides of isle had played on the natural fear of people over the security of their homeland for political purposes, and that the “law is blind and doesn’t care if you get re-elected next year.” Coates & M had “heart to heart’s” about boyfriends and fathers. M was not unhappy being told that “Cr imploded before the committee,” and the episode ended showing Cr back in his old office after the hearing, believing that he would not be confirmed.

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