This Just in From Baghdad – 211

Written by: Philip DeGuere; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[We have a new JAG – those sneaky writers! Unfortunately, they decided to make him a complete ass. Evidently, Harm and Mac are now going to fight more battles inside JAG instead of on ships.]

Turner (T) had to move his car because Creswell (Cr) was actually appointed JAG by “a last minute miracle.” Cr was arrogantly condescending to Coates’ (Co) annoying behavior quirks which Chegwidden had tolerated. He approved Ts request to switch offices back with Harm (H), trying to “mend fences.” Harm prosecuted, and Mac (M) defended, Staff Sgt. Timothy Mallory, who was charged in the death of Dwight Kanin, a civilian chairman of the military affairs policy board and advisor to the president, during a ride along. A reporter claimed that Kanin had been “fragged” by the soldiers because of his poor attitude. The patrol, with whom Kanin was riding, had been blocked by street protesters; but, he bragged that he wanted to see “real” marines in action, and he himself had requested “lets go forward.” He had been protected by the other soldier’s flack jackets, but panicked and was shot down when he went running, screaming, through gunfire. The soldier protecting him, who didn’t have a flack jacket, was also killed, and another’s arm was blown off while removing a grenade.

Amazingly, Mallory was found guilty; but, in the penalty phase, all his chain of command, including the general who had initiated the court-martial, testified for mitigation of the sentence. Col. Atwater said “Kanin acted like a tourist, wanting photo ops more than facts.” Atwater said that he had told Capt. Ellis to “get that chicken hawk out of my sight.” Ellis said he had been offended by Kanin’s “lack of understanding of a war he was known to champion,” and that he had told Lt. Howell that “if Kanin ever saw action he’d go home with new shorts.” Howell said “Kanin thinks it’s a video game over here” and that he had told Mallory to “show him what’s it’s really like.” Even General Watson relinquished being convening authority, so he could testify, stating: “Kanin represents a branch of civilian leadership which has complicated and compromised our expeditionary force. And, he personally had an attitude of disrespect for our men.” All witnesses said that there was a “singular failure in the chain of command such that implied orders put Kanin in greater danger than he should have been.”

The court-martial sentenced Mallory to 6 months confinement and forfeiture of pay; but, recommended delaying the penalty until further investigation into the failure of the chain of command was performed.

Cresswell told Co that he gave “extra points” to sailors who “got themselves out of holes” (referring to her previous record.) She told him that her life change had been due to the trust that H had placed in her. Bud felt he had gotten off on the wrong FOOT with Cr – and quipped that “I only have one.”

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