One Big Boat – 212

Written by: Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[The JAG series has clearly changed direction. Inane, fluffy, “Soapbox drama” issues, with contrived conflict, now outweigh good plot and action in nearly every episode.]

Unannounced, Mattie (Mt) had Harm (H) sign her custody relinquishment papers; then, proceeded to whine the whole show that H had done it. She needed to talk to Mac (M) about “why H didn’t make a fuss!” M told her that H was “at a place in his life that he didn’t need to posses someone to love them.” Harm had to qualify in F-18s and wasn’t there for the custody relinquishment hearing. When he returned, he accidentally caught Mt packed and leaving. He gave her a note to open later, but she opened it in the elevator anyway. It contained Hs wings and a note stating “fair winds and following seas.”

The JAG, Creswell (Cr), continually acted condescendingly critical of M (and everyone for that matter). He is curt, short (in every way), arrogant and critical whenever anyone doesn’t act precisely like he thinks they should – HIS image of a “good marine.” He finally, cryptically, ordered M to have breakfast alone with him. Her feedback to him, about his appearing judgmental, was simply shrugged off claiming “you’ve been around Navy too much and they have rubbed off on you.” [?!] He basically “ordered” her to have it “wear off,” and told her: “Consider that a vote of confidence – and trust that others trust you.” [That must be his way of giving closure.]

Mac prosecuted Cdr. Lunt, an Annapolis sailing instructor, for dereliction of duty and negligent homicide when Seaman Emma Green was lost overboard in a storm which “they should have gone around,” (according to her military disliking parents.) Mikey (Mk), also on the ship, challenged everyone who seemed against Lunt, including his friend Dupree. Bud (B) had to reign Mk in, forcefully, and accused him of raising Lunt to the level of “father figure.” Seaman Huskins, who fell overboard first, also testified against Lunt saying, retrospectively, “it was too hard for me” – despite the fact that she had actually voted to go through the storm with the rest of the team.

Turner (T) defended Lunt and deduced that the excuse-ridden Huskins had untethered herself from the safety line in order to check below deck; but, then had negligently left the hatch open. She re-tethered, so that, when she fell overboard, it put the entire crew into rescue mode. During the rescue, Green had seen that the hatch had been left open, and then had to untether in order to go close it. She had slammed her fingers in the hatch door when she closed it, and then was washed overboard before she could reattach to her tether. Turner quoted G K Chesterton “we are all in the same boat on a stormy sea and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.” Lunt was acquitted but claimed he was retiring.

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