There Goes the Neighborhood – 213

Written by: Darcy Meyers; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[Again, this JAG plot seems to “stretch” and ignores such obvious responses to accusations from characters, that it seems contrived and unbelievable.]

A girl from Coates’ (Co) past, Pia Bonfilio, showed up at Co’s apartment wanting to stay – “just for awhile.” She played on Co’s sympathy and honest nature to manipulate her. She barged into Harm’s (H)¬†apartment without knocking and made small talk; then, asked if he had a gun. Then she began dressing like Co, braiding her hair like Co, “borrowing” Co’s hair comb and trying on Co’s uniform! She made plans to spend the night at the apartment with Co; but, then stood her up, so she would be alone and without anyone to corroborate. Vince Dolan, an old boyfriend, broke into Co’s apartment looking for Pia, rifled her suitcase and took a manila envelope (containing money). H came the next morning and found Co’s door broken. Just after Co told H that Pia was gone, and had stolen her uniform, detective Morris and Jimenez showed up, investigating the killing of Dolan. They found the evidence “set up” by Pia to frame Co for the murder.

Both Co and H were interrogated by the bumbling police and Co finally gave them a DNA sample to compare with a hair they had found on Dolan’s body. Then Coates went to find Pia alone. She called H from the train station, where she had followed Pia, but wouldn’t tell him were she was. H overheard a train announcement in the background and followed her there. Co found Pia, chased her down, and took a gun away from her; but, eventually Pia got away on a train, and was last seen thumbing a ride from a trucker to California, saying that she was going “to stay with a friend.

Under orders from the JAG, Cresswell (Cr), Bud (B) tried to join Lt. Harriman’s anger management class, but got a flat tire on the way. Bud defended Lt. Stephanie Wall, a pilot who had given her rich, thrill-seeking, father flying lessons in a F-18 which he had bought over the internet. After lying to B, she finally admitted that she had accidentally found out that her estranged father was dying of a brain tumor, which HE didn’t want HER to know about – because SHE might feel “pressured” into reconciling with HIM. Then, SHE didn’t want HIM to know that SHE knew, but she also didn’t want to say her goodbyes to him at the hospital. So, when she found the ad for the jet on the internet, she suggested that he get one as a shared interest, and she would teach him how to fly it. Her hard nose commander, who thought of himself as Rudy¬†Giuliani, (who “sweated the small stuff“) finally relented and put her back on flight status.

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