Unknown Soldier – 225

Written by: Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Cresswell’s (Cr) brother Wallace (a former Vietnam SEAL who was traumatized and disaffected from his Vietnam service) asked him to investigate the found remains of a soldier he believed to be a Marine helicopter pilot Lt. Joe Johnson. Creswell gave JAG attorney Vukovick (V) 5 days to investigate and ostensibly “see the jazz festival.” Lt. Catherine Graves (Gr) was also assigned and she had to “coerce” V into “doing his job” as he wanted to slack off all the time. They drove to Johnson’s hometown Vicksburg while V was asleep in the car. A newspaperman told them that Joe’s brother Elroy (they needed his DNA for ID of the remains) was a blues guitarist and knew Loretta McKeely in Tutwiler. Then Loretta told them that Elroy had divorced her for some “Jezebel” (actually her sister April-Dawn). Then April-Dawn said Elroy had divorced her for “Candy Graham” another singer and gave them a home made record.

V forced himself on Gr when they had to stay in the same motel room; sleeping in same bed even though Gr told him that it was against regs. She guessed that he had been “left at alter by only woman he had ever loved” which upset V. While she was listening to the record that they had been given, Gr recognized “Candy’s” Voice as Indira Diamond so they drove back to Natchez where Diamond was appearing. Indira told them that Elroy had left; but she had gotten a wedding invite from a PO box in Memphis; so they might find him there on Beal St. Graves and V tried all the clubs on Beal Street and did find Etta (Gladys Knight) and a guitarist who told them that “Elroy had died.” After leaving, V realized that the guitarist they had seen with Etta had the same guitar as in photo of Elroy. So, they went back and lo-and-behold the guitarist was in fact really Elroy. They told him the details of what Wallace had disclosed. He had served with Joe on a black-ops mission to rescue some POWs. Their helicopter chased some Viet-Cong away from interferring with the mission but it was shot down. The co-pilot and gunner were thrown clear but Joe was left trapped inside the burning craft. Wallace couldn’t budge aircraft no matter how hard he tried. Joe kept begging Wallace to “not let him burn,” He badgered Wallace to shoot him and eventually he did right before the flames got him. Elroy did give a DNA sample and Wallace got peace with the results and the discovery of his friend; however, Elroy had said that he didn’t want to know results so that he could “keep thinking that he might run into him some day.”

Mattie was still in a coma. Harm (H) was assigned to prosecute a reservist doctor Lt Chang for using “Vecuronium,” a muscle paralytic, in order to intubate a severely burned Iraqi girl against orders from Capt Smith who wanted to save the drug for US soldiers only. When H was speaking disparagingly about Chang, Coates (Co) told him that she was an excellent doctor who didn’t give up, “the kind that you want for Mattie.” H seemed distant toward Mac (M) who told Co that H wasn’t talking to her so perhaps she could try. Smith said that they had “ran out of the drug” and a helicopter had to risk enemy fire in order to bring more. Chang described that she “couldn’t NOT use the drug” because she was “a doctor first” and that she had known it would work. She did get the child intubated; but had left to take some blood to the lab and 10 min later the girl was dead. H was very distressed during Chang’s description of valiant attempts to save girl but in cross exam played attorney very well and pointed that she “had never considered herself in the military despite having joined in order to have her medical school paid for.” Bud (B) discovered that it was Smith who had made the mistake of only ordering 1/10th of the needed amount of the drug than he should have, which was what made them in short supply and had required military shuttle replenishment. H was convinced into agreeing for an administrative separation with prorated payback; but, Chang turned it down. She said that she had been successful at everything she did because she had worked hard at what she was doing, but now realized that she had never really applied herself to being a military officer. She said that “the military needs doctors more than ever now” and wanted to accept the consequences of her actions and remain in the service to finish her commitment.

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