Dream Team – 226

Written by: Larry Moskowitz, Don McGill.; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Petty Officer Ferro caught PO Sanhuinius stealing a candy bar from their ships store; then suffered continual harassment after that because Sanhuinius was twice his size. After shore leave from the USS Carl Vincent in Japan, Sanhuinius picked another fight. Ferro knocked him out and later Sanhuinius died. The captain requested JAG to investigate. Vukovick (V) told Cresswell (Cr) that he didn’t need any help defending; but, Cr said “I think you do” and assigned Harm (H) as the 2nd chair. Vukovic played the same arrogance with H that he had with Mac (M) and H set him in his place; but V spit back. Barnes, the original prosecutor, went to Iraq & Bud (B) was assigned to take his place. V kept showing his arrogance & inexperience, H kept bringing him back on track and B became annoyed about them being “buddies” – the “dream team.”

Cresswell, a boxer, advised V that there must have been some pre-existing problem because it was unlikely in such a mis-match that lethal force could have been produced. So V eventually found steroids and alcohol as well as a visit to the Medical officer with neurological symptoms after their leave. Hs pathologist, Gasden, found Puffer fish toxin. H advised V to check out source for the toxin but he didn’t, saying that he thought B would merely drop the charges. When she got wind of what was going on, M was very suspicious about Vs “evidence” and advised B to investigate further. B changed the charge to murder after he found that Gasden convinced of the toxin but shipmates say Sanhuinius hated fish. M advised B that he did have his case, and that he just needed to find out why. B eventually discovered that Ferro had charged puffer fish toxin (used for pain relief) on his credit card. He also found the shop keeper who identified Ferro’s photograph. Sanhuinius had the remains of a power bar and the toxin in his stomach. There was also a power bar wrapper in Sanhuinius’s pocket with Ferro’s fingerprints INSIDE the wrapper and evidence of the wrapper being re-glued. Referring to H and V, M told B that they “were 2 alpha males & deep down every dream team is a nightmare waiting to happen.”

Mac kept trying to “be there” for H while Mattie was in the hospital, but he pushed her away – she said “you tried to be there for me but I pushed you away so I guess this is only fair.” Coates (Co) came uninvited to the hospital on a Wednesday (her and Mattie’s normal night out) and relieved Hs bedside watch. Mattie opened her eyes. Later, she was removed from respirator, began speaking and remembered Hs first words to her. M said “things will never be the same;” H said “trust me, it’ll be awhile but you’ll get back!” H lied when she asked where her father was; “That’s the first time you’ve ever lied to me!” H said “he’ll get back” – referring to Tom (her father) & “I’m not leaving.”

Mac was assigned to defend Seaman Apprentice Charles Bander who was caught releasing navy’s trained dolphins. Everyone, B especially, was making fish jokes: “on porpoise,” “Squid pro Quo,” “It’s a red herring,” “for the Halibut.” Turner (T) was prosecuting under wrongful misappropriation (10yrs penalty). Bander testified under mitigation that he had been surfing and was targeted by a Great White shark moving closer in circles. Dolphins had come and circled between him and the shark for an hour then escorted him back to shore. He said that just couldn’t see them penned – he owed them. Uncharacteristically T recommended that Bander be “sentenced” to sea service with the dolphins. [Everyone’s dialog in this whole episode was uncharacteristically relaxed & intimate]

Cresswell announced the creation of a JAG Joint Legal Service Center-Southwest and Ms appointment as commandant of the unit. Harm was appointed Force Judge Advocate Naval Forces Europe, headquarted in London England, a Captain’s Billet with immediate frocking. He was granted two Days travel and four days proceed time. Harm and M looked at each other stunned… !

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