Fair Winds and Following Seas – 227

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Harm and Mac coin flip imageCresswell (Cr) announced the big news of both Harm (H) and Mac’s (M) promotions and reassignments. Everyone (nearly) vies for selection by either H or M who are supposed to choose their own staff – and Cr said that “all JAG employees are fair game!” Mac “psychically” told H that they will be 5489 miles and 10.5 hrs flying time apart. Coates (Co) wanted to “stay the same” until coaxed by Vukovick (V) to be “adventuresome.” Turner (T) congratulated H on making captain & his appointment. Surprised, H said “It sounds like you mean it”; then “you were qualified too.” Turner replied “the captains board didn’t think so. But perhaps I’ll be JAG after you.” Mac sublet her apt to Vereese, who was moving to DC in order to see how it worked out with T. Bud (B) commented that Hs new position is a “straight shot into JAG” then fumbled when Cr advised he “didn’t plan on retiring anytime soon.” Harm told Mattie he wouldn’t go anywhere without her & Tom isn’t contesting custody.

Harm asked B to go to London with him as “Assistant Force Judge Advocate!” (wow). He excitedly accepted saying Harriet (Ht) would be fine with it. Then M asked B to come with her as a “Blue Suit XO” & he replied that he had already accepted Hs offer. BUT – Ht was NOT happy at all! She jumped on B then brow-beat him until he finally backed down! Then B lied and told H that it had been HIS own decision to “stay put.” Ht had lunch with M & explained (“Bs not to know”) that he “still needs monitoring” [Manipulating behind the back just like her controlling mother does to her, which she always screams about!]   H eventually observed “once Ht makes up Bs mind for him then that’s pretty much it!”

Cresswekk asked Mikey what the “set to” was which he had with his daughter Cammie. Mike told him that: he had been in the right, but they worked out their differences & she would make a great lawyer. When pressed he said: “She has a way of interpreting the rules to her advantage, bending the facts.” Cresswell told him that when it came to his daughter he had “rules of engagement, do you get my meaning?” Mike tried to talk to B about loving Cammie but was told: “You can’t!” “Are you crazy?” – “fall OUT of love!” – then B refused to talk to him about it. Mike then asked H who said “are you crazy?” but then also followed with: “talk to Cammie, & explain your feelings openly and honestly” [interesting coming from H].

Vukovic asked M if he could follow her to San Diego too, but was turned down flatly. “You are not the kind of lawyer that I want on my staff – period.” He argued with her throwing up her mistake with Farrow so M threw him out of her office. Then Cr assigned V to investigate a case at the marine corps recruiting depot at Paris Island. A recruit had been twice found muddy outside the barracks, ostensibly having been in the swamp to “kill the enemy.” Vukovic questioned Cr’s orders and asked why he had to go for such a low priority case & Cr bristled “The general asked me and I agreed!” Recruit Walter Evans, 16 y/o, falsified a birth certificate, HS diploma & mothers signature to join Marines. His mother told V that “she was loosing him.” After Evan’s father had been killed in Afghanistan Walter withdrew, became obsessed & ran away. She put out an amber alert. He refused to go home with her. Vukovic called Cr for advice who said “think out of the box, that’s your specialty” & hung up on him! The Gen held an award ceremony (not Vs idea) for Walter stating he “knew his father Sgt Maj Silers Evans, how proud he was, etc.” then made Walter an “honorary marine” & ordered him to go home with his mother & “come back when ready.” Vukovic hadn’t realized that the Gen had known Siler which is why he: “didn’t want it known, that’s why I asked for JAG.” Vukovic counseled Mrs. Evans to seek “stress help” & told of his own childhood: Father died when 15 y/o. tried church, street gangs, booze, girls. It was too much for his mom so he was sent to live with his uncle. “He told me things I didn’t know about my dad – things mom didn’t want to talk about him. That got me better.”

AND M & H FINALLY, ACTUALLY TALKED! Through many ‘flashbacks’ they gave insight to their unusual emotional dilemma:

H- “I forgot how beautiful you are.”

M- “You resigned your commission, came 5,000 miles to find me and were nearly killed. Why?

H- “I think you know why… Five years from this moment, if neither are in a relationship we’ll go halves on a kid.”

Then it showed them kissing on the porch at M & Brumby’s engagement party!

M- “Eternity, is that how long we’re going to wait? You still can’t let go can you?

H- “not yet”

M- “you’re just this way with me aren’t you?”

H- “Yes, just you”

H- “If you want to have a baby in the future, the offer still holds. We could do it together like we planned.”

M- “Cmdr Rabb is the kind of man I would want for my child… We’ve so much more to talk about than just Webb.”

H- “then when you’re ready let me know.”

FINALLY M came to Hs apartment the very night before their departure!

M- “Lets talk about you and me, neither of us wants to be the first to say goodbye.”

H- “I don’t think that I’ll ever feel about anyone else the way I feel about you.”

M- “That’s flattering, but don’t tell that to your future wife, whoever she may be, she won’t understand.”

H- “Do YOU understand?”

M- “No, I don’t understand why we can’t make it work, why we’ve let FATE decide our futures.”

H- “What was it about all those men that attracted you?”

M- “They wanted me & they let me know it.”

H- “I wanted you & you knew it.”

M- “No woman wants to be a mind reader. With you there are always complications, another woman, work, searching for your father.”

H- “That’s all past. We’ve got 12 hours.”

M- “Is it, we’ve had 9 years.”

H- “I guess maybe I’ve just needed a deadline.”

M- “Well you’ve got one now sailor boy!”

After kissing,

M- “Are you proposing?”

H- “Yes, I’m proposing. Let’s get married.”

M- “This has always been the 500# gorilla in the room. If we get married, one of us has to give up our navy career.”

H- “I love you. But, I don’t want to give up my navy career & you don’t want to give up the Marine Corps.

H- “Do you believe in fate?”

M- “Fate put us together, sort of.”

H- “Fate could keep us together forever.”

They invited Turner, Coates, Harriet, Bud, & Cresswell to McMurphy’s Tavern (where all important events have taken place) in order to announce their engagement. Coates felt she needed to lie to Cr to get him there. Harm explained about their impending marriage and their dilemma about neither wanting to give up their career. Then H said “We’ve decided to let fate decide.” Bud showed them the “JAG coin” which he claimed that Adm Chegwidden gave him when he retired. The “future bride” called – “tails” (the same as she always has in the past & lost). Bud flipped the coin into the air and it turned into slow motion. The scene froze with everyone looking up at the coin which showed “JAG – Judge Advocate General 1995 – 2005” (Looks like it’s on the “tails” side to me.)

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4 thoughts on “Fair Winds and Following Seas – 227

  1. It is very nice to watch the last season of my favorite tv show called “JAG”. It was very nice to be able to watch all the episode of the last season on universal channell at 6:00 am everyday. It lacks 10 episodes to the great final episode where our friends Harm and Mac finally to kiss eacother and to take the decision to get married. I have had known that the final episode finished with the marry ceremony but it was another story.

  2. The last scene in this episode was fantastic. They finally resolved JAG’s biggest issue (would Harm & Mac get together), but still had one last twist with the coin toss -a great talking point for fans. I just wish the mystery of who ‘won’ the coin toss would be revealed, eg in a JAG ‘reunion’ movie.

  3. Catherine Bell’s hair is long when Harm comes to Mac’s apartment to “talk real estate.” It is noticeably shorter when she goes to his place and they decide to get married. In the bar scene at the end, it is barely shoulder length.

    • Perhaps she’s getting ready for her new move and new position with a “new look?” One could probably call this a “goof” if it had gotten shorter then longer instead of progressively shorter.

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