We the People – 25

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[A bit ‘far fetched’; but none-the-less a significant episode in that Mac’s history and family is further elucidated. Unfortunately, it was never followed up on except a cursory tangential mention. This episode also introduced Hs new partner and an explanation for a frequently used ‘excuse’ for his odd personal behaviors.]

JAG officer Harm (H) was presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross by President Clinton for rescuing the unconscious Capt Thomas Boon (the CAG) and landing on a carrier despite his ‘night blindness’. Bud Roberts, (B) attending law school at night, was introduced as a new JAG assistant in Hs section. He had been recommended by Meg (Mg) before she left. Sarah Mackenzie (M) was introduced as Hs new associate, to replace Meg. Clinton told H that he may single-handedly give lawyers a good name and when B acted the “doofus,” Chegwidden (C) had to tell him that “joking was Admiral’s Privilege.”

Harm had flashbacks to Lt Diane Schonke, his fiancĂ© who had been killed, every time he looked at M; because, she was a “dead ringer” for Schonke. In addition, he now has a new loft apartment which he is renovating himself.

The US Declaration of Independence was being transferred to a document restorer in California and the “mail truck,” which was carrying it, was hijacked, by Ms para-military, militia uncle flying a marine helicopter. Webb (W), posing as an assistant to the State Department, told C that the investigation was “States” and he should butt out. Chegwidden, however, said: “yes but it’s my navy” then forced W to take B along with H and M. Bud continually annoyed W by interjecting facts which proved to be true.

Mac tried to “ditch” H, and he had to land in a helicopter in front of her car. He was upset with her for not telling him that it was her uncle, Matthew O’Hara, who had stolen the document. She said that she thought he already knew because “someone had pulled her off a double murder investigation to do this… so they must have known.” She claimed that her former Marine Col. uncle had won the medal of honor in Vietnam and was a “politically principled” man. So they went to find O’Hara together.

O’Hara took over a ZNN van and transmitted a television message claiming that the “defenders” did have the document. One of his men, Cahill, phoned the government later and said they wanted $500 million ransom. Harm called the stranded tag-along, Bud, who whined that W wouldn’t let him in a van which had all kinds of antennae. Harm then realized that their conversations were being “bugged” so told B, in ‘code’ that if W gave him trouble he had permission to use “admirals privilege” on him. Then they swapped cars with a gas station attendant to avoid the “bugs.” The attendant used Hs phone in the swapped car, which tipped off Webb. Webb wouldn’t take B with him to find H; and, when asked why, recounted that it was “admirals privilege!” Bud then knew that Webb had a “wire tap” in place and threatened to tell C that his people were being bugged, which is illegal. Bud got to go with him.

Harm discerned that W had ‘set up’ M, knowing her connection with O’Hara. They flashed their headlights at the base of Devils Tower to signal her Uncle, who was hiding out in the cave where he had taken the 16 year-old M to “dry out” and hunt for dinosaur track fossils. Mac faked having taken H prisoner to fool the ‘defenders’. Harm convinced O’Hara that he’d made his point and that he should give up and return; but, his mercenaries wouldn’t let him because of the $500 million they expected to get.

When O’Hara claimed that he hadn’t known anything about the ransom, Cahill was killed. The men forced O’Hara to fly them out in the helicopter, taking M with them as hostage. Harm jumped and held onto the skid as it flew off devils tower! Mac fought off the mercenaries and threw one of them out the door, all the while H just held on to the skid. The document dropped out of the helicopter, but was in its case and was recovered by W. Harm offered to defend O’Hara in court and was shown doing it at the end; but no outcome was given.

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