Secrets – 28

Written by: Tom Towler; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A very complicated plot, but gives background for Webb and the CIA connections which will be used in upcomming episodes]

Mac (M) was in her new office at JAG and shown helping Bud (B) study for a law exam. Corporal Jason Magida, who had been in the brig for eight of his twenty year sentence for espionage, poisoned the water supply to overwhelm the brig’s infirmary and escaped during the confusion. He made a beeline for the man who had put him there, Admiral Chegwidden (c), and took him hostage – “to clear his name.” Chegwidden, who had wanted to see Harm (H) on the Russell file, told him he wanted the “Clawson file” (which was a code for someone who had taken their CO hostage). Harm picked up on the reference and, with B’s help, and cleared the building.

Chegwidden played the tough guy, trying to catch Magida off guard, and refused to cooperate. Magida had H bring his court-martial records to the office but H discovered that they were classified “Top Secret.” He called Webb (W), who was dancing with his mother, for a favor and got the records. Webb accidentally let slip that he had to give the security codes to obtain the information so H realized that W was really a CIA agent instead of with ‘state.’ Magida took M and B hostage to hold another trial for him. Mac was assigned to prosecute, B to judge and C to defend.

Webb refused to aid H any more and was leaving until he saw Gayle Osborne come as the leader of the “special response team.” Webb told H that, the sunflower chewing, arrogant, Osborne was CIA and was probably there to “neutralize” Magida. Osborne used a fiber optic scope to “target” Magida from under the door but H took him down and C stepped on the scope when he heard that Osborne had been sent. Chegwidden said that “if Osborne is involved you probably were set up and so was I.” Chegwidden told Osborne to stand down but he wouldn’t, giving him only an hour. Chegwidden asked H to try and get Malka Dayan, the Moussad Israeli agent who was supposed to have received documents from Magida. Harm asked W to go get her but he angrily refused… then did go get her eventually.

Harm discovered that Osborne was lying, and not up on the roof like he claimed, just as W drove up with Dayan. Then Osborne’s men wouldn’t let H in the building with Dayan; so, H had to take one of them down while W slugged the other. Dayan revealed that the CIA had blackmailed her into lying and promised her that ‘nothing would happen to Magida.’ Harm realized that she had been a double agent. The CIA had been afraid that she was about to be discovered as a double, so they had exposed her as a Moussad agent to avoid embarrassment of being caught spying on an ally.

Chegwidden said that he would present the case to the SECNAV and that it would be dropped. Just as Magida was giving H his gun, H saw sunflower seeds coming from the air conditioning vent and pushed him out of the way of Osborne’s shots. Harm yanked Osborne down out of the vent and they had a stand off, pointing their guns at each other. Chegwidden told Osborne that, “he really will do it.” Osborne said “you’ve never lied to me, AJ. I think he will,” and stood down. Magida then told H that he was glad that he didn’t fire the gun because it had no bullets! Chegwidden was shown defending Magida where the espionage charges were dropped, but he was found guilty on hostage taking etc., and sentenced to the eight years he had already served.

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