Crossing the Line – 29

Written by: Stephen Zito; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[An interesting, but a bit exhasperating episode. The authors do not provide adequate ‘closure’. It does introduce a major character and Bud’s love interest.]

Lt Marilyn Isaacs, an excuse-ridden, incompetent female pilot, called the sexual harassment hotline against Capt Tom Boone (CAG) after he grounded her aboard the Seahawk. She claimed that she had been embarrassed by master chief Sullivan and others during the “crossing-the-line (equator)” ceremonies. Harm (H) and Mac (M) were assigned to do an “impartial” JAG investigation. Harm said that during his own ceremony he “was hosed, did about 1000 sit ups, dunked twice, slow-danced 30 minutes with Bob Fredericks, and crawled blindfolded through the tunnel of moral courage.”

Chegwidden (C) said that the CAG had been selected for a “deep-draught” command and it was being held up. Ensign Harriet Sims (Ht) was assigned to be their escort aboard the ship and said that Bud (B) “was a legend”. Bud spent the rest of the episode acting like a bumbling fool around her, culminating in her finally giving him the “green light” to kiss her.

Isaac’s claimed that the CAG was behind all her troubles and “had it in for her” because he “didn’t think women belonged aboard ship.” Harm saw right through her whining, manipulating, exaggeration, embellishment and lies; but M bought into her story that the CAG had told Master Chief Sullivan (Neptunus Rex) to “mess me up” so she would foul up on her quals. Then she blamed her RIO for messing up. Harm and M reviewed the tapes and found that it really had been she who had screwed up her landing. The CAG had written in the log book: “OSCB, EGAR, DNKH.” Translated, that meant: ‘overshot, came back; eased gun at ramp; damn near killed herself.’ He had grounded her pending review board.

The arrogant, rude, and blundering Congresswoman DeLong manipulated and bullied Admiral Drake into letting her aboard with her “women in combat agenda.” She deliberately offended nearly everyone on the ship. She also bought into Isaac’s whining and blaming everyone else (including other “jealous” females), then bullied Admiral Drake to override Hs investigation, CAGs duties, the captains command and Chegwidden’s advice to reinstate Isaac’s flight status. When H told her she had no business interfering, she knifed him with “you killed your RIO, who are you to judge.”

No one would be Isaac’s RIO so CAG had to actually order “skates” to go up with her. In the air Isaac’s made sloppy maneuvers, and Skates had to continually advise and remind her. She made excuses on an open mike and was resentful at the mission being cut short due to a weather squall. True to her past experience she was making another crappy landing and, blaming the autopilot, she shut it off then crashed into the fantail in a fireball. Fortunately Skates ejected before impact, but her chute was coming down toward the flames on deck then just missed the side, going toward the water. Harm dove off the ship (onto and unrevealed net) and pulled her dangling parachute aboard.

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