Trinity – 24

Written by: Jack Orman; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

A baby, Jimmy Nevins/Barnes, the son of Lt Linda Nevins (daughter of Adm Nevins of SINC-PAC) and IRA member Lorcan Barnes (the ghost) was kidnapped from military base. The kidnapper left a poem, which was a favorite of Barnes, that seemed to be an indication Barnes had the baby without actually saying it. JAG officers Harm (H) and Mac (M) were sent to investigate and were met at the airport by Detective Jonathan Graham of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) who took them to headquarters where they walked in on Inspector Vincent Hutchinson interrogating Linda Nevins. Incensed, H stopped Hutchinson leaving M to talk to Nevins. Hutchinson told Nevins that Barnes wanted the baby for a human shield which Nevins knew was completely absurd. Hutchinson told H that finding the baby was just “complicating the matter” of finding “the likes of Barnes.” H replied that “the baby IS the matter.”

Nevins claimed that Barnes didn’t tell her of his IRA affiliation until they were talking marriage. Then, she gave him an ultimatum to choose between the IRA and her. Barnes wrote her the poem and left. Knowing that they were on their own to find the baby, Nevins remembered the name of an old friend of Barnes’. The friend denied knowing Barnes but told H he should visit a particular bar and order a particular drink, which they did. While H was ordering the drink an Irishman “chatted” M into a game of darts where he told her to “loose the RUC” tails that they had and where and when to meet. Mac caused the tails to loose them while H and Nevins escaped to go to the address. They were captured by Barnes who didn’t know anything about the kidnapping. It turned out that Hutchinson was tracking H and M through the ID badges he had given them and came to capture Barnes. Barnes escaped just in time however, and when H realized the tracking device was in his badge they put it on a dog.

Barnes said that Hutchinson had put out a ruse that his mother was dying and had captured him while he was trying to see her. They used torture on him and nearly broke him into giving the names of his group until Barnes began reciting the poem over and over- which is how Hutchinson must have gotten the poem and set up the kidnapping as yet another ruse. Barnes believed that Hutchinson wouldn’t let the baby live if he was to be exposed and said it would be better for him if he committed suicide than give himself up to Hutchinson. So H concocted a plan to have M “let slip” to Hutchinson that the baby had been seen at the infirmary and had a positive test for potentially fatal lyme disease. Barnes’ group was able to track an address when a repeat lab test was sent in for confirmation of Lyme disease. The repeat test was negative, however, before H and Barnes could get to the address so Hutchinson realized he had been found out. He then ordered the baby to be killed but the kidnappers couldn’t do it. Instead they decided to take the baby somewhere and leave him to be found.

Harm and Barnes picked up M in their van and, while H drove the van around front, Barnes went in the back way to retrieve his son. Harm recognized Graham driving the car with the baby and blocked its path with the van. Graham began shooting and Barnes came out joining the battle. Harm and M faked having guns long enough for H to tackle Graham and retrieve the baby. Graham got to his feet and was just about to shoot both H and the baby, when Barnes shot him. Barnes left in the van which was then shown blowing up in apparent suicide.

Harm and M took the baby to the consulate, only to be intercepted by Hutchinson who told his people that they were “fugitives” and to “shoot them if they step inside.” The guard who had been stupidly ignoring their pleas to open the gate then pulled his weapon and the RUC decided they would put down their weapons as well. Harm, M and Nevins were shown at the airport with the baby. They saw a glimpse of Barnes in the crowd watching them. Hutchinson had been captured by the Government.

Bud (B) was acting as a “replacement” for Tiner (Ti) and shown as his usual “dip-stick” self butting into the JAG, Chegwidden’s (C), conversation’s with H and M. First, to bring in some roses, then to interrupt for a phone call from Miss Delaney, then to interrupt again saying the person was irate. Chegwidden finished his business with H and M then answered the phone: “hello Laura”; but, no further mention of the person or the call was given in the episode.

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