Ghosts -30

Written by: Scott Gemmill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

The JAG, Chegwidden’s (C) friend, judge Laura DeLaney, was jogging along their usual jogging trail and ran away from him and into a booby trap meant for C. He noticed a miniature Buddha statue placed nearby with a hole in it’s belly whcih had meaning to him from his Vietnam past. Chegwidden was fearful for DeLaney, especially her confirmation hearings, so called off their relationship… to her great annoyance. Osborne came ostensibly wanting to know about the Buddha and C said that he didn’t believe in ghosts. Osborne left a bug under Chegwidden’s chair. Chegwidden asked Harm (H) to add a codicil to Cs will for him but wouldn’t say what it was about. Harm found the Buddha statue in the garbage can and of course began investigating with Mac (M).

Webb (W) was having lunch with his mother and Boris Yeltsin and agreed to give H the name of Thomas Wilson (Goliath) who was a CIA section chief in Vietnam and in country with Osborne during operation Phoenix. Harm offered to pick up his mothers lunch (which M advised later was $500/plate). Wilson said that Jack Holford, an “over-the-edge” CIA agent waged his own SYOPS campaign against North Vietnamese Army sympathizers. He removed internal organs from those he’d killed (which meant they would not get to heaven whole) and the maimed Buddha as a warning. Holford was MIA and presumed dead. He had a squad from SEAL team 3 assigned to him which were now all dead except for C &nash; the last one had died in car accident two weeks ago. Harm discovered that the wrecking guy had found another Buddha placed on the car after the accident.

Chegwidden was still rebuffing H and said that he KNEW Holford was dead. Webb said that they had recently found a former Viet Nam refugee who had been bilking families of MIAs by showing them some artifacts and getting money for his “contacts” to track down their relatives. The crook had been ready to bilk Holford’s relatives – which would be a big embarrassment to the CIA. Osborn was a “sweeper” who cleaned up messes. DeLaney forced herself back on C and cooked him dinner at his house. When C came home she came down the stairs go greet him, which unfortunately had been booby trapped and was killed by a mine. Mac (M) accepted a date with a lab technician to get information on the mine – outdated, made for the CIA. Harm and B checked graves registration for Holford. Finally C confided to H that, while he was in Viet Nam, he had found Holford over the body of a dead “symp.” Chegwidden was arresting Holford when he was killed by a single pistol shot through the heart, just as VC attacked. When C came back, Holford’s body was gone.

Chegwidden “set up” an elaborate scheme to capture Osborne by having H notice a resignation on his desk and by talking with Bud and Mac in the office about the address he was going to so Osborne could listen in on his bug. Chegwidden captured Osborne and took him into the woods near his house. Chegwidden threw a knife into the ground for Osborne to use in a fight and when he picked it up he heard the click of a land mine activating. Osborne thought he would be killed if he moved and confessed as C was walking away. Harm had retrieved Webb so he could hear the confession. The CIA would “take care” of Osborn with another “sweeper.” Harm wanted to go back to watch Osborn try and defuse the “training mine” but C prevented him saying “to watch would be taking pleasure, which is what he did.”

Bud (B) was assigned to defend two midshipman, Malcolm Holmes and Danvers, for kidnapping and accidentally killing Bill, the goat mascot of Annapolis. Bud had the body of the goat exhumed and autopsied. It hadn’t died of suffocation in the trunk but rather of “old age” issues. He got them off with buying a new goat and doing walking punishment.

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