Washington Holiday – 32

Written by: Stephen Zito; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

King Josif of Romania was planning on requesting admission to NATO and the hard liners in his country threaten to kill his daughter, Princess Alexandra – a spoiled brat, if he does. They shot her bodyguard, while at a function, as a warning to the king. Webb (W) convinced the SECNAV to assign JAG officer Harm (H) as her “escort” to official functions while she was in the country.

While at a formal dinner she went to the bathroom and had another woman give H her clothes and tell him she had gone out the window. Harm followed her to a nightclub, where she was drunk and refused to return, so H had to carry her through the crowd. Harm met a new neighbor, Meghan O’Hara [played by Nancy Chambers, DJEs wife, the future “Singer” in the JAG series.] who said she was a reporter for a newspapers society column and tried to get “chummy.” The king, who had been unhappy that H was “so young” when he first met, sat and talked with him after he had retrieved her from the nightclub. The princess continued to flirt with and try to seduce H, appearing at his apartment one evening.

Interpol was able to catch the assassin of the bodyguard and got names of his accomplices; namely, Vartan Kepish who was on the king’s staff. Webb exposed Kepish and also said that the other assassin was a woman. The time came for the king to announce his intention for joining NATO and allowing a military base, but he couldn’t put his daughter at risk. Instead she got up and announced their intention. O’Hara, who was the assassin, had killed a maid and guards and was in the balcony behind a curtain with a rifle. Harm spotted the gun, pushed people out of the line of fire, and climbed to the balcony. O’Hara had the drop on him but hesitated killing him, so was shot by the secret service. Harm held her in his arms as she died. Harm was presented a “Romanian Medal” for his service to the crown.

Harriet (Ht) was assigned to Norfolk and Bud (B) was flummoxed. He made a date with her then stood her up due to a flat on a bridge without a spare. When he finally got to her she had accepted a date to the NATO ball with Ensign Nestor. Bud bumbled into asking someone from the office to the ball. Mac and H had to finagle to get them together at the dance.

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