Code Blue -36

Written by: Scott Gemmill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

JAG officer Mac (M) met Harm (H) during his morning jog and baited him into a competition. When a car bore down on them crossing the road H pushed M out of the way and was thrown up over the car. He was admitted for observation of lacerations and head injury by a doctor who “wanted to see him walking around in a hospital gown.” When he asked where the head was, the nurse handed him a urinal. The Israeli minister of west bank security, Semadar Barruch, was rushed to the same hospital for a heart transplant for which he had been on the waiting list.

While M was in the cafeteria, Hamas terrorists took over the hospital and herded most personnel into the cafeteria. Harm was in his third floor hospital room with retired Chief Walter Hume, who was in for a hip replacement, and who claimed to have “sank four U-boats during the Big One” and who wouldn’t stop talking. The terrorists planted bombs on stairwell entrances, took over the operating room where the transplant was being performed, and demanded the release of Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook who the US was holding. Mustapha Ben Kessar was the groups leader and full of himself. He negotiated with special agent Lang and demanded to speak with Marzook or he would kill a patient.

Harm took his IV stand and went to investigate the gunshots but was accosted by a pregnant woman in labor pains on the wrong floor. He put on scrubs and was mistaken for a doctor by Tamir, a terrorist who found Harm discovering one of the groups bombs they had place on the door. A terrorist, Zacki, came to look for H and was shown to have a bit of a conscience. He was upset at finding a dead patient in the ICU and when Mustapha ordered him to kill a hostage H saw him choose the one already dead. Harm found someone’s cell phone in a purse and called Lang who tried to help him disarm the bomb and deliver the woman’s baby. The OB wanted H to check how far dilated the woman was. When he was uncomfortable with that the woman said “I haven’t got anything you haven’t already seen.” After he had checked, H said “I haven’t seen that before.”

The replacement heart arrived on the roof and they chose M to be the one to retrieve it which now put her in the OR with Mustapha. Tamir found Hs name on his abandoned IV bag and interrogated Walter who told him that H was a SEAL and he had better not let him find him. Tamir said “I fear no man,” and Walter replied, that “makes you stupid as well as annoying.”

Zacki, a photography student at NYU, was in the “gang” only trying to avenge the death of his brother, RaFat who blew himself up planting a bomb in London. He found another dead patient in the ICU and H, who was watching, talked him into disarming a door. Tamir shot Sacki in the head but H escaped. Harm loaded a syringe with a sedative and “took down” Tamir and got his gun. Walther helped H put Zacki on a bed with oxygen. Not being able to raise either Zacki or Tamir, Mustapha took the replacement heart case and went to Hs floor. He pushed the heart case into the middle of the corridor to bargain with H over giving up his gun.

Meanwhile M suggested that they fill the OR with anesthetic gas to disable the non-English speaking guard. She took him down and called Mustapha on his phone to give him the chance to give up the heart. Mustapha went after H first, who had flooded the floor with water from the fire hose then threw in the cardioversion paddles when Mustapha stepped in it. As he was electrocuted, Mustapha’s gun fired putting holes in the replacement heart.

The next scene showed M discussing how the chief Palestinian negotiator had secured the mother’s written permission to harvest the heart from brain dead Zacki because he would “welcome the chance to negotiate with an Israeli with a Palestinian heart.” The pregnant woman finally delivered a boy who she suggested naming Harmon Walter but the baby cried. When M suggested “Mac” the baby cooed.

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