Rendezvous – 37

Written by: Craig Tepper; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[This episode is where Bud and Harriett’s relationship began in earnest; A good storyline although aspects are ridiculous to the absurd; contains more ‘back-story’ about Mac’s childhood]

An abused woman, Liz Holst, testified that she had been going to sleep with Felker; but, “couldn’t go through with it” so had asked to go swimming. When she returned from the swim she said that she found Felker dead and thinking that the murderer might still be around she went home. When she arrived hom she found that her abusive husband, CPO Holst, the defendant in the case, still wasn’t home. When the JAG officers assigned to the case, Harm (H) and Harriet (Ht), were helping her move into the women’s shelter she dropped a folder; and, Ht snooping in it found love letters to Liz from PO Carlos. Harm, doing his duty, informed Mac (M), about the letters and she blew up at him for “trying to sandbag her again.” He told her that Holst was “pushing all your daddy buttons” and also that her emotions were hurting her case. Later he apologized and she told him that her father would come home drunk and demand that she come and take his shoes off. “Then the yelling would start,” she said, “then the slapping… and then the sobbing… his over being sorry.” She said she “didn’t “know which was worse – his hitting or his sobbing that he was sorry.” It wasn’t long before her mother “left him and me with him.” She admitted to starting drinking herself “just to get away.” Harm told her that “once you ID your enemy you can defeat him.”

Mac used the information Harriet had found in court, to which the CPO exploded and had to be subdued. Bud (B), who had been assigned to help Mac, and Ht were on the beach as they had done before and trying to not talk about the case. Bud said that “defending western civilization makes people horney” and Ht blew wine out her nose with laughter. They began to kiss again and B saw the same satellite they had seen on a previous visit go overhead again; so, they left with B exclaiming “the satellite!” Liz called M in the middle of the night and asked for her to come over. She then asked if “Freddy was going to loose” and claimed that she had lied before in order to get back at his abuse. She said that the “CPO was really home when I got there and hit me so I was mad at him.” On the stand she told the CPO that she hated him but “he doesn’t deserve to die.” Bud got the satellite photo’s and told M that: he had gotten a favor from Webb (W) [?!] who told him that it was really a Russian Satellite which was shooting the base [?!] and that Webb had gotten a favor from his contact [??!!] who had sent him a copy of the photo of the beach on the murder night [????!!!!]

Under no obligation to inform the prosecution, M ordered B to shred the photo. Bud stormed around and finally exclaimed to Ht that “being a lawyer sucks.” Of course she ran right to H to whine that “men are pigs” then feign that she didn’t want to talk about it before she whined some more about B getting cold feet when he saw the satellite over the beach. Harm calmed her down and said that B was “worth it,” then figured out that B must have gotten something from the satellite. The next day he recalled Liz and showed her the copy of the photo (he must also have gotten it from W) and she broke down with the truth. The CPO had been on the beach when she came back from the swim and had broken down about being “so sorry” and “they’ll kill me”, and she mothered him into “it’ll be alright, I’ll help you.”

Mac told H that “you won the case” and H replied that “you won the war.” Mac said she “carries her dad’s past with me wherever I go”; and, H replied “it’s ok if he doesn’t weigh to much.” Mac said, “he doesn’t, not any more.” Bud and Ht stayed over to “finish their picnic” and again saw the satellite overhead.

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