The King of the Fleas – 43

Written by: Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

The wheelchair bound, accordion playing, ex POW, “King of the Fleas”, Roscoe Martin, spotted the Commander of his old Vietnamese prison camp on a US street, and killed him. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), sent Harm (H) to investigate. Martin had been a captured deserter from his unit and had been tortured; but, when he gave in to the Viet Cong he was pronounced “king” over the other prisoners and was given special respect by the guards.

Martin was used by the VC to obtain information about which prisoners were pilots and could be taken to Russia (it turns out that Harm’s dad was one of them). He was then left untouched and had to watch as the commander had all the remainder of the POWs in the camp killed.

A policeman (Costas) was outwitted by Bud (B), in taking custody of Martin, who subsequently turned himself in to Harm. Chegwidden started the interrogation but left. Martin was deliberately vague and rambling so, when Harm got anxious and “pushed” for information, Martin lied and told Harm that it had been his father who had been the informer. Harm finally gave up trying to make sense of Martin’s ramblings and told him to leave, which made him finally admit that it had been he who was the weakest captive and made “king” by the now dead Viet Cong CO. Harm promised to defend him during his trial. Dalton began pursuing Mac.

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