Vanished – 42

Written by: Scott Gemmill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

A fully armed F-14 disappeared in a storm in the Bermuda triangle along with its pilot, Cdr. Douglas and his RIO. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), sent Harm (H), Mac (M) and Bud (B) to investigate. Bud ranted about the Bermuda triangle, aliens and UFO sightings through the whole episode along with the “Brain nuts” (doughnuts) he was eating which had ginko biloba frosting.

Aboard the Coral Sea they were experiencing severe stormy weather and electrical problems “ever since we entered the black water.” They went to general quarters when a water spout was sighted. Bud ranted too much about it and H finally told him that the government was indeed experimenting with weather control. A top secret procedure was to have a “half dozen Sea Wolf class subs circle round and round until they created a coreolis vortex which could suck down either a ship or plane.” “Are you mocking me, sir,” B asked. Harm reviewed even the land based radar and found that the Tomcat had dropped below the storm, just as he had sent his wingman up above the storm, then had flow north along the Florida coast for about 12 minutes, flew in circles for awhile and then went off the screen.

Mac and Harm had a talk about Dalton Lowne, of the Lowell, Hanson, and Lowne law firm, who he had seen talking with M. She baited him with “are you jealous.” He said that he just didn’t like “breaking in new partners.” “Dalton drives a Porsche,” she said. “I fly a Tomcat,” he retorted. So she exclaimed, “you are jealous.” “When I was assigned to you,” he said, “I thought a tattooed jarhead would be challenging me to an arm wrestle.” She said, “I have a tattoo, I’m good at arm wrestling and technically they do call me a jarhead.” Then H became obsessed with the fact she had a tattoo and where it was.

The F-14’s RIO stumbled, beat up, into a Florida campsite and collapsed. Chegwidden interviewed him to find that the man had passed out, awoken with a severe headache and people standing over him in bright lights, then passed out again when someone stuck him with a needle. He said that the pilot had acted strangely for a few days and had spent two hours trying to call his wife before their mission. Chegwidden told him not to talk to any men in black suits with sunglasses. They discovered that the pilots wife and daughter were missing. Bud located the “Freedom Brethren” militia group’s website bookmarked on the pilots computer and continued obsessing about UFO sightings all along the coast that night. He showed H a photo which was taken that H recognized immediately as Tomcat afterburners.

Bud arranged a meeting with “oppenheimer and Einstein,” two UFO spotters, who H had to promise a tour of the pentagon “including sub-level 2 beyond the purple water cooler” in order to get information. Harm traced the UFO landing to the Percane valley and arrived there just after the Pilot had already taken off to shoot down Arafat in a civilian plane; but, just in time to have a gun battle with Jack Lambert’s Freedom Brethren and rescue Douglas’ wife and daughter, Lee and Kim. Douglas had drugged his RIO, dropped below radar, and made it look like his RIO had punched out. The Coral Sea sent fighters to shoot down Douglas but he had already decided that he just couldn’t pull the trigger on a civilian aircraft and broke off before they fired. Harm threw his match at Lambert as he lit up a cigar, and said “never underestimate the integrity of a naval aviator.”

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