Against All Enemies – 44

Written by: Alex Davidson; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

An AMRAAM missile was being tested near North Korea and a “civilian” plane flew into the test zone so the captain ordered the test to “stand down.” But, as the pilot did so, the missle spontaneously fired killing thirty-one people. JAG officers Harm (H), Mac (M) and Bud (B) were sent to the USS Reprisal to investigate.

The salvage vessel Sea Star was surrounded by North Korean war ships and the cruiser Choson gave ultimatums and fired shots across the Sea Star’s bow. Capt Jim (?Ray) Hubbard sped to the scene and authorized “booming” the Choson with tomcats and “shouldering” by other vessels.

Mac “pushed” and “bullied” witnesses and H had to warn her several times. Walt Rockwell, the communications officer, acted guilty and was found to have made a $90K bank deposit. He, later, said that it was an inheritance. Bumbling seaman Alice Tuppany poured hot coffee in Hs lap. When Tuppany was being chewed out by her chief, Mac bought into her excuse for leaving the galley unattended while a fire started. She was gone to communications for 15 minutes “for career practice.”

Harm discovered that the missle had fired before it had left the launch rail and that it had been caused by a radar sweep, which was also unexplained. Bud, working with PO Sullivan, also found that there had been an unaccounted for burst transmission the day before the test. It was decoded, and found to be from a spy notifying of the test. It had been during the time Tuppany had left the galley for the CIC room, so M asked the JAG, Chegwidden (C), for background information. The photo sent was different so H confronted Tuppany about it and was taken hostage and forced, with a de-pinned grenade, to take off in a Tomcat toward North Korea.

North Korea launched MIGs, which wouldn’t accept Tuppany’s radio message, and shot at them. Harm ejected Tuppany before her grenade could explode. The Sea Star found that the downed plane had: actually been a NK spy plane; swept the missle with radar causing it to launch; and therefore had caused it’s own demise.

Mac denied to H that she was in a hurry to get back to Dalton. She railed “that’s the stupidest think you’ve ever said. He’s a man not a new career choice.” Harriet (Ht) tried to get a “good bye kiss” from B before he left then called “I love you” across the room. Bud just nodded then called her several times from the ship playing the “Rambo” role.

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