Above and Beyond – 45

Written by: Paul Levine; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

A black Navy SEAL, Lt Curtis Rivers, was nominated by Pres Clinton to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, for rescuing Under Secretary of State Lawrence Culbertson from terrorists before they killed him. Unfortunately, Rivers’ squad disliked him and, as they were only supposed to be doing recon, argued with him when he led them into rescue Culbertson. Rivers killed eight terrorists and went back for the wounded PO Douglas who told him to go leave him. Rivers lit off a pop up flare and carried Culbertson to the beach.

JAG officers Harm (H) and Mac (M) needed “two witnesses” in order to recommend the medal but the angry, wounded Douglas lied and said he didn’t see it because he was unconscious. Chief Wilkins told H that Rivers was dangerous to his men and that he had broken the SEAL code of not leaving his man. Rivers acted like a spoiled brat the whole episode and wouldn’t give his side. Mac told him to “not play the race card with us.”

Harm took a bottle of liquor to Rivers’ house and tried to “buddy up” to him in order to obtain his side of the story. Rivers said that his father, Edgar, had been a seaman who was wrongfully accused of stealing money from the officers mess and had hung himself while in the brig. Rivers said that neither of the JAG lawyers believed his father and that he had read his letters from the prison.

A “weenie” assistant to the president came and dogged H to “push through” the award ostensibly for “national healing.” The JAG, Chegwidden (C), assisted by interrogating Culbertson. Harm finally told Rivers that he was using his father as an excuse which provoked an attack. Rivers said he would “talk to H” if H would do “SEAL hell week.” He used the excuse to abuse H until the Chief stopped him. When H recovered he “cleaned Rivers clock.” Rivers still didn’t keep his word but H deduced that Douglas wasn’t unconscious like he had claimed, then got Douglas to stop lying which allowed Rivers to get medal. Footage of Clinton’s speech was used with a dubbed voiceover. Lt. Rivers was shown receiving the medal then leaving it at his fathers tombstone.

B got drunk on “pineapples” and when M accused him of being lovesick he told her that was the “black pot calling the kettle the same thing.” He asked her if she was leaving JAG for Dalton and she just said that she hadn’t been given an offer. Bud went up on stage and sang “Delilah.”

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