Impact – 46

Written by: Scott Gemmill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Something hit a marine helicopter during maneuvers causing it to crash and killing the pilot. JAG officers Harm (H) and Bud (B) were sent to 29 Palms to investigate the mishap, surprising Mac (M) that she was left behind from a marine investigation. Chegwidden (C) had given her an admirals gambling case to review. Harm and B found a strange piece of metal at the site just before Clark Palmer appeared and kicked them off the investigation claiming that he was DSD. Harm stole a small piece and sent it for analysis.

Eyewitnesses claimed they saw “a big, black, thing which absorbed light and had no engine sound.” They just “felt it” and it had a crescent row of pulsating lights. Bud called it a UFO; then, while discussing it with H, saw it go over their car and onto the Bradenhurst Corporation compound. They crashed through the gate to follow it but were intercepted by armed security. Adm Elgin bitched and threatened C over not calling off the JAG investigation. He told C that he should be worrying about his “bars.” Upset, C responded that no one was going to interfere with a JAG investigation and that he hadn’t met a SEAL yet that didn’t like a good “bar” fight.

Marine base Col Barrett delayed sending H and B home for 24hrs and said that if congress didn’t like it they could come and “kiss my Marine green @#$%.” Bud caused a diversion and H snuck inside the fence. However he was “impulse-blasted” by a hovering black aircraft. Although captured, he then broke away from Palmer, saw the aircraft and stole a computer disk before he escaped in a jeep. He was chased through the desert by Palmer who then slugged him and was threatening to shoot him. Bud brought Barrett and the marines over hill to surround them in the nick of time. As Palmer was backed down, H slugged him explaining to the Col that, “I owed him.”

Chegwidden was giving “small” cases to M and she asked H “why is C mad at me.” Harm replied flippantly “the same reason we all are.” Dalton Lowne came to take her to an interview and gave M an expensive jewel necklace. The law firm offered her a job for a lot of money. She flew to New York with Lowne to be with him overnight and to celebrate the job. Mac resigned on very short notice, angering C. She told him that she would be arguing before the supreme court and “spreading my wings.” Chegwidden said that she had “ambushed” him. She was leaving without saying goodbye to H, but met him on the way out the door. She asked “permission to hug” which he granted just as Lowne drove up in his convertible. She told H “It’s no Tomcat.”

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