People vs. Rabb – 47

Written by: Larry Moskowitz; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Russian Mafioso Stephan Gregorovitch Konaplanik called JAG officer, Harmon Rabb (H) to sell him documents about his fathers whereabouts. While delivering the documents, Col Mikhail Parlovski, KGB, showed up to prevent the sale. Bumbling FBI agents, who had been following Konaplanik, tripped over a garbage can and Parlovski shot Konaplanik. Harm wrestled the gun from Konaplanik just as the incompetent FBI, Novack and Grenin, arrived on scene and arrested H. Chegwidden (C) watched their interrogation of H and was pissed; so, he had Bud (B) go get Webb (W) to “spring H.”

The SECNAV refused to lift a finger to help H and wanted to throw him into the civilian court until C pointed out the advantage of being able to put his own “spin” on the case in the press. Chegwidden assigned Caroline Imes (back from Spain) and B to defend against Mattoni who was prosecuting. Konaplanik was shot with 100 grain, truncated, Israeli made, hollow points and H said he used “115 grain full metal jacket’s.” Parlovski planted bullets in Hs toilet for the bumbling Novack to find during a search of Hs apartment even though they had inadequately searched the crime scene.

Arrogant Imes gave a poor, “justifiable homicide” defense because she thought that H was guilty. Webb brought a gun to the brig, where H had been taken, and asked H to escape to be the “bait” in a plot to find Parlovski, and gave H the documents. Harm went to Ms apartment to have the documents translated and found that his father had been taken to “Cherlisk near lake Boshna.” Novack and his flunkey nearly captured H coming out of Ms apartment but Parlovsky, dressed as a mailman, prevented it. Parlovsky contacted M at her new civilian office with Dalton’s firm and offered to confess to killing Konaplanik if H would return the documents.

Bud brought supplies to H who was hiding out on a moth-balled ship and was “pissed” at being “dissed” when H tried to send him home. The meeting with Parlovski at an aircraft museum was tracked by W from a device he had planted in Hs gun. Parlovsky had agreed with H to help him find his father IF the documents were returned; so, H helped him escape Ws trap. Parlovsky told H that the documents were fake, there was no such place as Cherlisk or Boshna, and that he was leaving back to Russia.

Harm fired Imes as his attorney and M completely reversed the case flummoxing Mattoni and embarrassing Novack for not even knowing there was a trap door to the warehouse. Harm was acquitted. Mac quit Dalton’s firm but still wanted a relationship with Dalton who said he didn’t care where she worked as long as she went home with him. Mac asked for her job back and C, who hadn’t processed her JAG resignation, took her back. Novack threatened H with further civilian action. Parlovski sent a “real” photo of Hs dad in Russia as promised.

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