Shadow – 3

Written by: Donald Bellisario; Watch Now: Link to video of episode on Amazon

A malignant, computer nerd, techno-pirate, consultant, Mr. Grover, took control of an experimental “shadow” torpedo with his laptop which was also rigged to blow up remote bombs strategically placed around the submarine Tiger Shark. Acting JAG Teddy Lindsey picked Harm up in a helicopter disturbing the morning jog of president Clinton (in a cameo). Meg Austin was assigned to Harm now as Adm. Brovo had made Caitlin Pike his aid. After the senate had grilled Lindsey on the Sea Hawk incident, Brovo told him to “get out of dodge.”

Transporting to the Tiger Shark in inclement weather, Harm was about to pull Meg back up and she un-hooked dropping into the ocean. Harm jumped in 50 feet after her. Captain told them that Grover was demanding 40 million in gold and to be taken into Cuban waters or he would cause the Shadow to blow up a cruise liner. Controlling the shadow from his laptop he deceived the captain first by causing it to dive below a thermocline where it wouldn’t show up and then to jump back above it just as the submarine passed through the thermocline following it. That way it made it look like it had completely disappeared. Grover was an arrogant SOB who detonated a bomb to convince H and Mg that he “was prepared to die.”

Harm discovered that Meg was claustrophobic on submarines and told her that he didn’t like her because she had not disqualified herself. Meg said that she had broken computer codes in less than 30 seconds – and as long as three days, but that was in Chinese. Meg wanted to take Grover’s laptop saying that his claim he needed to “contact” the Shadow randomly or it would attack was “bogus.” Harm, however, wanted more proof and got Grisham, the sonar operator, to look at the tapes. He found a “fish fart” that revealed Grover’s “trick” with the Shadow but agreed with Mg that he couldn’t still be in touch with the Shadow.

They deduced that a limited range “repeater” was placed in the new sub’s hull along with the strategically placed bombs. Harm told Mg to go “sit with” Grover and she balked at having to “play the faint hearted female.” He told her “she didn’t need to PLAY,” making her angry. Adm. Drake told Teddy that the president had agreed to pay the ransom and to take it out of their budget. He told him to: 1- deliver the gold to the Shark; 2- deliver Grover to Cuban waters; and 3- (most important) if he accomplished 1 & 2 his next assignment would be on the Arizona (at the bottom of Pearl Harbor). He said “get it back.”

When the captain told H that his job was over, H had Grover arrested and took his laptop. Meg got close to breaking the code. She got through 4 levels, 2 booby traps and a fake program; but, she didn’t think she could complete the rest in the 20 minutes left. Harm noticed that all the bombs had been placed in non-critical spaces which meant that Grover wasn’t REALLY prepared to die.

Harm brought Grover to the bridge and set up a ruse that they had broken his code. He showed Grover the turning of the Shadow but it then targeted the Tiger Shark. The Captain took all kinds of evasive measures to no avail and, finally, Grover told Mg the secret pass codes to detonate the torpedo without actually harming any ship. Only afterwards did he realize he had been tricked. Sailing on the surface Harm and Meg were alone on the conning tower. She told him that she knew he was only making her mad to take her mind off being claustrophobic. He told her she was “ok,” and he wouldn’t mind being teamed with her again.

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