Someone to Watch Over Annie – 49

Written by: Stephen Zito; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Mac (M) was made acting head of section by the JAG, Chegwidden (C) which would change her career path to administration instead of legal investigation. She tried to refuse but C wouldn’t accept any of her excuses and assigned her first project to be upgrading all the office’s computers. Harm (H) could tell she wasn’t happy and felt C was “paying her back” for her resignation.

Annie Pendry, widow of Harm’s best friend Jack Pendry, asked for help after her son Josh had witnessed a murder while sneaking aboard an F14 during a school trip. She was now working in a bank in Maryland and Josh had been caught coming out of the hanger. When he said that he had seen some sailors fighting, probably killing another and loading him into a van, no one would believe him. When H was trying to downplay Josh’s inquisitiveness – Annie shot back, “I don’t need you to defend Josh against me!” Harm requested leave to investigate and was initially refused. But when he explained about Annie C granted him the time off. Then feeling that he was on a roll with C, H asked if he could speak to him about what’s going on between him and M. Chegwidden hollered, “are you out of your mind?”

Harm interviewed the maintenance chief at the airbase, Harley Marks, and told him of what Josh had seen. The chief asked why Josh had gotten into the Tomcat and H responded, “for the same reason I would haveā€¦ to get inside the dream.” While talking on the porch of Annie’s house, Josh spotted the same van coming down the street and barely escaped the gunfire from the drive-by shooting. Of course, now, everyone believed Josh and H took them to his apartment overnight and became amorous with Annie.

Harm found that Webb (W) was involved investigating an arms theft ring with an inside contact, PO2 Elvgrin, who had gone missing. They had Josh identify the people he saw and Elvgrin was recognized along with Marks and a man named Gunter Harvak, an arms buyer for SadDAM. They found Elvgrin’s car with his body in the trunk. Harm granted them all the investigation and reluctantly said that Annie and Josh could stay at JAG during the day. Chegwidden was found wrestling with Josh in his office by Annie who bristled when Josh said that C knew 3 ways to kill someone with his bare hands. She said she hoped his offer to write a letter of recommendation to Annapolis for Josh would never happen.

Mac, Harriet (Ht), Bud (B), and Annie had planned a party at Hs apartment to which C came. When Annie said she had honeymooned in Naples Italy, C let slip that he had also – to the daughter of the Mayor who went back to her mother because “she was lonely.”.

Josh “escaped” from Ws distracted watch to go the restroom and was kidnapped by Harvak who took him aboard the ship Tanager that was bound for France. Webb refused to tell them any more information which would compromise his sting that had taken many months to set up. Chegwidden “aggressively” reasoned with W who told him that he wasn’t in his chain of command. Chegwidden retorted, nose-to-nose, “No, but you ARE in my line of fire.” Webb told them the ship information but refused to have anything more to do with it. Chegwidden bullied his way into obtaining ships blueprints and boarding the ship. He and M stood back to back and fought off several bad guys together. H killed Harvak, who was about to stab Josh; then, W unexpectedly appeared and saved H from being bushwhacked. Chegwidden was impressed with Ms skills and said they were too good to waste. He apologized and said “let’s start over.” Mac said there had been something she had always wanted to do and kissed him on cheek. Harm played his guitar and sang in the episode and Annie told him: “I’m not going to loose my son to the Navy too.”

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