Yesterday’s Heroes – 52

Written by: Scott Gemmill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[An almost comic JAG episode starring Ernest Borgnine]

Artemus Sullivan’s grandson was killed by the drug running speedboat of Bronco Mendoza, the son of a South American politico with diplomatic immunity; so, he became a vigilante with two of his friends and targeted Mendoza. JAG officers Harm (H), Mac (M) and Bud (B) investigate the sinking of Mendoza’s boat during a drug interception by the USS Bancroft, when boat had coincidentally exploded from an old limpet mine during the Bancroft’s firing of warning shots.

They traced the mine traced back to “Jungle Larry’s surplus store” and from there back to Artemus and his gang… who had also stolen drug money to buy a boat. Bronco kidnapped Sullivan during Harm and Mac’s interception, but he was then rescued in a “sting.”

Webb was his usual belligerent self, refusing at first to have Bronco’s immunity revoked. Harriet flails into Bud over not going with her on the weekend; then, brought her parents to meet Bud while he was working. They are very wealthy. Her father Roland had a shotgun talk with B, then loaned him his Jag. Her mother Lydia was rude and snotty and tried to push Ht to H instead of B. Mac, in a bikini, and H traded stolen money for Sullivan and also captured Mendoza. The thug was deported because W had revoked his immunity.

“Old heroes never die commander,” Sullivan told Harm, “they just become the stuff of legends.”

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