The Stalker – 54

Written by: Larry Moskowitz; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Being dumped by JAG officer Mac (M) due to his dishonesty, Dalton Lowne began calling and following Mac to “get her back” not realizing that he (and she) were being stalked themselves. At the JAG offices, Harm (H) backed Lowne down and told him to “let her go, walk away.”

Harm and M were defending CPO Anthony Sevalis, an electronics expert, accused of assaulting a prostitute. Mac thought he was guilty and showed it with disgust. The Victim, Alicia Mars, picked Sevalis out of a lineup but Sevalis denied hitting her. Bud (B) aced his law finals, and was given greater duties. He was to give Harriet (Ht) some of his old duties. Chegwidden (C) invited everyone to his house on Thursday… informal attire. He intended to introduce his daughter Francesca Pareti but didn’t tell anyone.

Dalton persistently called M and said “even God forgives more than that.” She finally answered the phone and agreed to meet at McMurphy’s for “one last talk.” Before going in he was met by a “mugger” outside the bar, mugged and fatally shot. Mac came out and he died in her arms forcing her to say that she loved him. Detective Coster, who investigated, told M that “whoever it was may have done her a favor.”

Francesca visited at JAG and backed into Hs car then refused to give him her name claiming it was his fault for being behind her and not getting out of the way. He apparently was smitten with her as he foolishly let her just leave the scene. Mac’s apartment was found ransacked and with a graffiti message of “even God forgives,” Dalton’s last words. Coster told her that a man was stalking her, and thought he loved her; so, others she cared about might be in danger as well. She wouldn’t tell Coster anyone else that “she even fantasized about.” Harm found a bug in Ms phone which she stepped on and demolished. He thought Sevalis had set the bug so threatened him. Mac began getting stalker phone calls and H suggested that they flush him out using M as bait offering to “cover her six.” She had Coster pull off surveillance.

Francesca called to date H but he said that he had to go to his bosses dinner party and said that he was “sort of involved with someone who was in Orlando.” Mac was alone, went to a bar and drank, then came to JAG where she insulted H. He told her that she “wasn’t just a drunk, she was a mean drunk.”

Bud showed up at the party without a tie and Ht had to tell him that “informal isn’t the same as casual.” Of course he obsessed through the night that he didn’t have a tie and Mattoni told him that he thought the Admiral looked like he was really upset. Mac didn’t show up at the party so H went to her apartment and found her alone and in the dark. He talked her into going to the party and said he would “watch her six.” Francesca was introduced and H called her “diabolical” for not telling him who she was. Chegwidden and M met in the bedroom going for aspirin and nearly kissed but C said “this is a mistake,” and M agreed.

Coster called M to say he had found the stalkers location. She left to meet him, H following. Coster took her to a warehouse basement and disabled her with a tazer, tied her up and forced alcohol into her mouth. Harm came, having followed with tracking equipment, and was tazed as well. He fought, dazed, and was able to disable Coster who eventually confessed and was sent to prison. Harm talked to the prostitutes pimp who said he had beaten up the hooker. He returned the tracking device Sevalas had loaned him and apologized for accusing him.

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