Tiger Tiger – 55

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JAG officers Bud (B) and Harm (T) were on a Tiger Cruise aboard the USS Stockdale with Josh Pendry. Bud told them that he was 11 when his father, a cook, took him aboard the Arleigh Burke and he was seasick the whole cruise. Annie won’t let Josh have anything to do with the navy so they told her that the “sailing” they were going on for the weekend wasn’t aboard a naval vessel. Josh spotted a life boat flashing SOS and the castaways were brought on board. One was “pregnant” and in labor. While H was notifying JAG, Bud was to watch Josh, who didn’t always do as he was told, and slipped away from the group to another hanger to see a Sea Hawk helicopter.

The pregnant Rosalita was really a terrorist carrying explosives strapped around her and weapons. Along with Miguel Cortez and others they took over the ship and killed several guards. The XOs daughter, Erin Terry, noticed one terrorist (Cuban “liberators”) out of uniform but not in time to prevent their capture. Erin was used by Miguel as leverage in order to obtain the firing key to missiles from her mother. They planned on blowing up Castro while he was speaking at a stadium full of people.

Harm had gone to retrieve Josh so they were alone in a hanger when the ship was taken over. They worked to set up a remote antenna for the Seahawk’s radio so they could get help. Harm climbed along the ledge, outside the ship, to retrieve his cell phone from his locker. Josh disobeyed and climbed the pipes to set up the antenna alone and had to be rescued by H. Rosalita had all the rest of the children, B and some others in a hold with Semtex strapped to her armed by a remote detonator. She sang “lullaby’s” to them ready to “go to sleep.”

Miguel shot the captain and the XO gave him an old key. Miguel old her “that’s why females don’t belong on combat ships.” The JAG, Chegwidden (C), received Hs message and called both Mac (M) and Annie into his office. Annie was appalled to find out about Hs lie. The SECNAV, C and M watched the ship on television from long range surveillance by a P3 aircraft. The SECNAV said that a SEAL team would do a HALO insertion under a full moon and at 20 knots. Chegwidden called it a suicide mission. There were also Tomcat’s ready for interception of any missile fired, so C told him that he “was signing those children’s death warrants.” Annie asked M if H had ever lied to her. She said that he had “misled” her but that “H was the one who she would want with her son in this situation.” Annie said, “if it wasn’t for him, Josh wouldn’t be in this situation” and asked her if it was her son, how would she handle it. Mac said “I would hold it in, but that’s probably why I’m an alcoholic.”

Having been discovered, Harm told Miguel that his cell phone didn’t work out at sea just as it rang on a “patch” from the P3 to C. Chegwidden picked up on the situation quickly and had M pretend that it was a wrong number while he had the P3 cut their relay. Talking with H, Miguel said that his father was the former presidents banker and when Castro took power he was made to choose between his son and his hands. “He (Castro) didn’t count on the son’s hands,” he said. So this wasn’t just liberation but revenge and he was going to take out thousands just to get one man. They eventually found that they had been given the wrong key from the XO and the XO gave them the right key saying “not for Castro.”

Harm realized that Miguel had no control over Rosalita and radioed to Josh to do something then that he should get out of the hanger because that was how the men were going to escape. When the missiles were fired then destroyed by the Tomcats, H negotiated the release of the children, with his word that the terrorists helicopter would not be shot down. Rosalita refused to leave the children saying this was to be her last mission. Before she could flip the switch H shot her between the eyes.

The escaping Helicopter went down at sea because of the water that H had told Josh to put in the fuel tank. Annie was inordinately angry with H and told him that she could forgive him lying to her “but not teaching my son to do it too.” “You turned Josh against me,” she said, “which is unacceptable. My challenge will be to deal with never seeing you again… don’t call me.” While she was storming away, Bud flew in blubbering about having proposed to Harriett and her saying yes. He asked H to be his best man just as Josh and Annie were walking out of his life.

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