The Imposter – 58

Written by: Scott Gemmill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Four US soldiers were killed in Algeria by Soman nerve gas, which was produced and delivered with equipment sold to them by the US through the Defense Security Division, authorized by Col Ronald Vickers, now in article 32 hearing. Clark Palmer, disguised as a deliveryman, tranquilized JAG officer Harm (H) who, along with Mac (M), was prosecuting Vickers. Palmer, DSD/Bradenhurst, drugged and bound H to make a disguise mask of Hs face so he could take Hs place in the hearing. Mac told Chegwidden (C) that Vickers wasn’t working alone and, “because he was basically an honest marine,” was having a conscience and might be the “weak link” into names of the DSD involvement.

Palmer called himself a “forensic artiste” and claimed that he knew H had “18 confirmed kills.” He began listing them when H stopped him with “you better add your name to the list.” Bud had a ring in a red box but bumbled and dropped it, then argued with Harriet over wedding plans. Chegwidden advised Ht that she should attack it like the “battle plan” of an ensign not a bride. When she asked about what would happen to her after the wedding, C said that she would have to transfer back to the Inspector Generals staff but that he would request she be permanently assigned to JAG – “admiral’s privilege.” No one was able to contact H; so, when a continuance of the hearing was not granted, M told B to “go find H.”

Palmer made a mask, loaded his fountain pen with another nerve gas, took some antidote pills then stuffed another syringe of “protection” into his sock. He rigged a bomb under Hs seat which would blow up at 8pm, OR whenever a motion detector was triggered, so that he would be found burned to death – “despondent after interrogating Vickers so hard that he had died on the stand of ‘a heart attack.'” Bud nearly set off the bomb banging on Hs door after not being able to find the hidden key behind a loose brick. Despite the storm, Bud climbed down a drainage pipe and burst in through the window JUST AS POWER WENT OFF [??!!], so the bomb didn’t explode. He ungagged H to find out about the bomb just as the power came back on.

Back in court, Palmer (acting as H) feigned having a reaction to some antibiotics and having hoarseness, then took over from M. The power fortuitously went off again so H and B were able to escape, travel to JAG and pull the fire alarm to get past a guard who was not allowing them in. Chegwidden saw Palmer spray nerve gas at Vickers so carried him to his office while H went after Palmer. After H knocked out Palmer he found C, M and B resuscitating Vickers so retrieved the “antidote” from Palmer’s sock. Mac pinched Hs face to test if he was real. “One Rabb in my life is enough,” she said. Chegwidden agreed, “more than enough!”.

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