To Russia With Love – 61

Written by: Larry Moskowitz; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[The JAG season finale and ‘cliff-hanger – A very key episode especially considering that the creator, Donald Bellisario, appeared in a cameo (but pivotal) role: ‘Hugh Blackadder,’ Harm’s stepfather’s Russian friend]

JAG officer Harm’s (H) Russian nemesis, Parlovski, sent H a photo of his father in Russia with a note that said “this one’s for real.” Webb (W) told H the names of the person’s in the photo and revealed that Viktor Lushov, standing next to Rabb Sr., was a Russian pilot who had interrogated downed pilots in Vietnam, and was now working in San Diego. Harm flew there to inform his mother, Trish, and stepfather Frank Burnett about everything. Trish gave H an “if I don’t come back” tape of his father’s, that he’d never heard; and, Frank told him that “although you never thought of me as a father, you are the only son I’ve ever had” and offered help through Hugh Blackadder in Russia.

Lushov then told H everything, including his dad’s KGB number (S-394-652). He said that Rabb had given him misinformation under his interrogation “which was worse than telling me nothing.” Both being pilots, Lushov and Rabb became unlikely friend’s and Lushov saw to it that Rabb obtained needed medical treatment. Then, he had told his KGB superiors that Rabb had been helpful, and would probably continue to be in the future, so they would take him to Russia instead of killing him. Rabb was sent to the Gulag mines; then, after he injured his leg in an accident, was sent north to Siberia – a photo being taken at the train station.

Although Chegwidden (C) was initially upset that H had lied to him in order to get leave to take the flight to San Diego, he let H take leave and go to Russia; but, sent M along with him to “watch his six – in Russian.” They had to share a hotel room because there were no other vacancies. They met Alexi, a taxi driver/spy who worked for the highest bidder. First, they were picked up by Mark (Falcon) Sokol who told them that the photos “are really phony and that someone was trying to destabilize US Russian relations.” Then Parlovski told them that it was “Sokol who was trying to destabilize US Russian relations,” and neither claimed to be KGB. And, lastly, Webb told H and M that they were really being “set up” because “both of them are KGB and may be working separately or together.”

Sokol revealed that he had grown up in Houston Texas with spy parents and even tried to “spark” Mac. He said he wanted her to trust him so M said “then help H find his father.” He did agree to help, IF H would “give him the name of his informant and agree to never reveal the results to anyone.” Sokol then brought the KGB file which M read finding that R had been taken “to Beloyka where he escaped from the train.” Sokol was afterwards shown telling Parlovski that “they believe it and were going to Beloyka in the morning.”

Alexi discovered (at least told H so) that all Beloyka flights had been cancelled; so, H got money from Hugh Blackadder and bought a “ride” in a MIG. However, and M then stole the jet. Alexi, having second thoughts, tried to get them not to fly and had to finally reveal that “they are waiting for you, it’s a trap so they can shoot you down as spies”; but, he wouldn’t tell them who it was that had planned it. In the jet, Mac was getting sick and hated flying with H. Not being able to get the radar working they needed to fly low so the would be undetected.

Once he got the radar working he climbed and the “to be continued” logo showed Harm calling “incoming” as two missiles were heading toward them into the clouds.

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