Brig Break – 6

Written by: Reuben Ledir, Robert Cochran; Watch Now: Link to video of episode on Amazon

Lt. Martin Green, NCI, posed as PO1 Peter Quinn and was arrested stealing a “stinger” missile from SEATAC naval ammunitions base. JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) investigate and meet Lt Caitlin Pike, Hs former partner. Meg and Pike argued that the brig release paperwork was on form 77501 (pike incorrectly saying 77401). While Mg was interviewing Green, “Davis and Jessie” staged a brig break along with the brig’s Gunnery Sergeant Gentry. Green, who was a missile expert and black, handcuffed himself to Mg as a hostage in order to prevent her from being killed. Harm noticed them escaping in a bus and ran to jump on board. After wrestling with the driver and KO’ing another he was kicked off the moving bus by Green [and shown getting up from the ground with a clean, pressed undamaged dress uniform.]

Base CO Maj ASSpinal screwed up his face, put his nose in the air (and acted like the stereotypical know-it-all, screwed up marine) and refused to take help from any “lawyers” suggesting H start on his investigation. H grabbed his gun saying to Pike that he wasn’t required to obey “suggestions.” Two hunters claimed they were forced off the road by the bus who also stole their guns and food. They claimed to be hurt and ASSpinal sent them to the base infirmary and told H and Pike to go with them. The hunters refused and took off to the base on their own. ASSpinal argued some more with H refusing to believe that the escape was anything more than opportunistic. H finally shamed him into admitting that a break out involving the head of the brig wouldn’t be anything but planned.

Gentry met up with some Aryan nation militia who were very upset that “black” Green was handcuffed to “white” Mg. A helicopter gunship took care of the militia but Gentry’s group escaped in the bus. Without regard to any hostage, ASSpinal had the bus shot up as well. In the turn-over Jessie was killed and Davis was trapped with a broken leg. Gentry executed Davis so he wouldn’t talk then took Green, who was shot in the leg, and Mg with him in a Kodiak launch. ASSpinal ordered the helicopter after the Kodiak too so Gentry shot a stinger at it but it didn’t detonate. He blamed Green for that and wondered why Mg was “protecting” him. Gentry shot Green point blank knocking him into the water and pulling Mg under with him. With his last effort Green gave Mg the handcuff keys and she was able to escape back to the surface, and Gentry. ASSpinal had pulled all his men from the base looking for the escapees.

The “hunters” left the infirmary and took over the control station where they could turn off the power to the perimeter fence and unlock the SADAM (Special Atomic Demolition Ammunition) devices and triggers vaults. They stole the SADAM devices and took them to the trigger vault where Gentry had handcuffed Mg to inside the vault. Gentry shot the hunters telling Mg that the Iraqi’s paid more than the Aryan Nation. He armed a SADAM setting a 5 digit disarmament code and telling Mg she had 20 minutes to disarm it- “and the code has a seven in it.” Harm and Pike intercepted Gentry escaping and killed him. H grabbed the SADAM to drive it as far from a populated area that 12 minutes would allow. Meg and Pike jumped in the car with him and used their “magic laptop” to find numbers that Gentry might have used. H suggested a number that he might have used every day – such as the brig release paperwork number and Mg & Pike had another argument over whether it was ‘-401 or -501.” Mg disarmed it with 8 seconds left and when H asked which one had been right Mg said that the “person who was wrong wouldn’t want him to know.”

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