People vs. Mac – 70

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[Follow-up from previous episode]

Chris Ragle (Ms ex-con husband from whom she hasn’t gotten a divorce) did not leave as promised and ran to Mac’s (M) apartment as sanctuary from loan shark Benny Turpin. Turpin broke down her door and beat up Ragle but not before M had broken the nose of one of his thugs. When they left with a 24-hour ultimatum for repayment of “$15 bills” Ragle said “honey” I’m home. Mac went to Harm’s (H) apartment to talk but found Bobbi Latham (L) there and left. Harm was back from “straightening out a congressional committee” and found new Mic Brumby (Brum) at JAG with “open ended” TAD orders from his Australian command. Brum began disagreeing with H from his first meeting in a visible and challenging way. He tried to force his “advice” on H about M; and, being annoyed, H told him that M was “just a friend.” Mac was noticeably distracted but told H “I already tried” when he attempted to get her to talk. He said “let’s talk now” but was interrupted, yet again, by a phone call from Latham.

When M got home, Ragle was still there and when she threw him out he began blackmailing her about her previous tryst with her ex-CO John Farrow in Okinawa. Chegwidden (C) had defended him last month for sending troops into Haiti without orders and, although found guilty, was awarded no punishment (The good of the service). Over Ms objections, Farrow said “I’ll talk to him.” Ragle was shown answering his hotel door and saying “I’ve been expecting you,” then H answering his phone to M saying “I’ve been arrested for murdering my husband.”

Chegwidden told everyone the next day that Ragle had been murdered with a 9mm Sig Sauer, having partial prints of both Farrow and M, but “inconclusive” powder residues. The police thought it was a “lovers triangle” but turned the prosecution over to JAG. Brumby slammed Hs request to defend M due to his emotional bias; but, C assigned him anyway, and gave Brum and Bud (B) the defense of Farrow. He told them both to “play nice” or be replaced. Ted Lindsey prosecuted and told C “things have changed here since I left.” Chegwidden replied “you don’t know the half of it.”

Brumby exposed Mac and Farrow’s affair and justified it to H that it was “to show they acted differently and not complicitly.” Harm accepted that, but then Brum tried to pin the murder on M too and H asked for “severance.” In front of L, Brum said that he “was convinced M killed her husband” and accused H, B & C of all being “a little in love with M and blinded.” Harm told him that he was an “arrogant bastard” and Brum said they would eventually “strip blouses” to which H agreed. Chegwidden said he “didn’t think much of” Brum’s tactics but left them both in their positions.

At the severance hearing, Farrow reigned in Brum who then told the judge that his “client would refuse to answer questions that would incriminate M.” Letham exclaimed “is this the 5th by proxy?” and Admiral Morris asked if this was just their “attempt at setting him up for an appeal.” The severance was not allowed. Farrow said that he had gone to Ragle with $20K but Ragle pulled his gun and was killed in their struggle. Lindsey called it a lie because no money was found. Mac was upset that Farrow was taking the blame and wanted to testify. When H wouldn’t let her she said “either you put me on the stand or Brum will.” She testified that she had gone to talk to Ragle, “one last time.” When she was leaving Ragle had pulled his gun out and put it to his own chest saying “then you better kill me now.” He told her she “wouldn’t have a life” because he “would follow her and kill her man and her kids and her.” She claimed that she pulled the trigger. She was shown cleaning out her desk and taking boxes to her car. (Unbelievably) Brum was shown “making time” with her saying that “I wish there were something I could do to comfort you.” She had him hold her boxes then slapped him saying “there, now I’m comforted.”

Harm discovered that money had indeed been withdrawn from Farrow’s account; so, went with B to shake down the hotel manager who had done time for breaking and entering. They blackmailed him into admitting he had seen Turpin leave the room after M and Farrow had left. Then they met Turpin in a library with Brum and blackmailed him into testifying, claiming to have a security videotape of his break-in to Ms apartment. Turpin testified that “nobody killed Ragle.” Turpin had gone to collect but when M came hid in the closet. Ragle got the gun and gave it to M telling her to shoot him just as she had testified. She threw it away and Farrow came with the money. Ragle grabbed the gun and was going to shoot Farrow but M wrestled with him and it went off. Turpin said if M hadn’t shot, “Farrow would have been dead and probably her as well.” Lindsey accused Turpin of being “paid to lie” but he said “no, I’m paying them.” Harm gave the $20K to the judge that Turpin had returned. The case was dismissed and Farrow told H to “try and keep her out of trouble.” Brumby tried to chat up M again [!!] and she said “maybe.” [!!!!] Harm found it incredible! She said it was “to give him a chance to apologize.” He disillusioned’ “the men you pick!”

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