Webb of Lies – 75

Written by: Scott Gemmill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Webb (W) called Harm (H) from a ship, where he was under fire; but, H was kissing Jordie at the time so he couldn’t be bothered answering. By the time H picked up the reciever, the phone went dead. The next day the JAG, Chegwidden (C), was notified that Ws burned body was found on a freighter and he assigned Mac (M) and H to find out who did it. CIA agent Paul Candella broke into Hs apartment saying he was investigating Ws one minute call the night before. Bud (B) found that a Japanese scientist, Shoei Wakita, was one of the bodies found with W and he had been working on a superconductor. When Wakita found out that the Bradenhurst corporation was funding the research, he disappeared with the prototype. And when H heard the words “Bradenhurst,” he immediately went to Leavenworth to interrogate Clark Palmer, but found an imposter there serving his sentence. Harm knew the murders on the freighter weren’t performed by Palmer – they were too messy.

Worried about Harm, M stayed with him overnight; but, she couldn’t sleep so field stripped Hs pistol. Mac told H tearfully that “everyone around her keeps dying:” W, her ex-husband, and Dalton. Harm got a DUI charge against Jordie dismissed and she brought him copies of the autopsies. All three had been killed with similar weapons but W was also burned so had to be identified by dental records.

Chegwidden told them that the CIA suspected a mole inside their ranks who kept funneling information to ex-DSD agents (competing with them as “intelligence beltway bandits.”) Palmer bluffed his way into CIA headquarters and obtained records about the superconductor and was nearly intercepted by Candella. Harm and B went over to Webb’s apartment to “feed the fish” and discovered by household articles that W had been a musician and had competed in the 1988 Olympics’ modern pentathlon. Candella interrupted them and seemed surprised when H told him that Palmer wasn’t in Leavenworth. However, Palmer was waiting in the backseat of Candella’s car and they spoke, knowingly, about the superconductor. Candella said Palmer would get it when they found it. Palmer gave him a cigarette that had been laced with a high tech poison and it killed him.

Harm visited Ws mother who told him that she and her husband, Neville, were both intelligence agents and Clayton had gone “into the family business.” Harm saw that Ws mother took a call from a Lt Abby Cowan and saw that the person didn’t exist in any military databases. Then Mac realized that the name was an anagram for “Clayton Webb.” Harm found W alive on the ship with the superconductor. Webb said that he had believed Candella was the mole so couldn’t tell anyone in the CIA that he had arranged to get the scientist and the superconductor into the US.

Palmer trailed H to the ship and got the drop on them both. He had set up a “trap” for Jordan at Hs apartment in order to bargain for the superconductor. Webb was already shot in the leg so, when they escaped from Palmer, H sent W off the ship to get help for Jordie. Palmer, however, shot H and got the drop, again, on W who he forced to retrieve the superconductor. Just as Palmer was going to shoot W, H appeared and shot him three times while chasing him onto the deck. Harm went back for W and when they returned they found Palmers body gone. Harm found Jordie asleep in his apartment but Palmer had left a photo of himself taped to the back of the door.

Webb said that Palmers ultimate revenge would be to leave H in the “wilderness of mirrors”- a term for extreme paranoia suffered by “spooks” who had been in the business too long. Bud was third in law class. He angered Harriet by wanting to wait for M to read his grades to him, like she always did, for luck.

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