Rivers’ Run – 76

Written by: Larry Moskowitz; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

A teenager, Brian Yarrow, was shot and killed in a national forest where a SEAL team was conducting exercises. Lt Rivers had received gunfire and returned fire only to find the dead boy. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), sent Harm (H) and Mac (M) to investigate. FBI special agent Al Grenin, who previously, maliciously had charged H for murdering a Russian mafia agent, said the FBI was tracking a federal building bombing fugitive in the area. Warren Toobin, whose bomb had killed a man, had become a local “folk hero” for the area’s separatists. They left food and supplies for Toobin. Rivers told H and M that his team was only traversing through the forest to get to their normal exercise area and he had been shot at. When he heard that no gun was found he went UA to track who had made the shot and caused him to kill the boy. Chegwidden gave H and M 24 hours to bring Rivers in before filing UA charges.

Having lunch in a small café, H revealed to M that he had washed dishes in the “Eagle and Key café in Julian California” during a high school summer break. Rivers found Toobin’s hide-out and began tracking him. He was bit by a copperhead snake and was captured by the separatist gang. Harriet obsessed about the “dead little boy” and Bud (B) had to stop her. She was given her lieutenant JG bars by C and she said she had “completely forgotten that her two years were up” [yea right!]“screw up his investigation.”

A local red-neck thug, ex-sailor Lewis Beecham, started harassing M in the café and when H stood to back him down his gang had to be stopped by Mr. Yarrow. Yarrow said his son Brian didn’t have a gun and that the “corrupt government had subverted our liberty and undermined the law of the people.” Yarrow told them to leave, but H put a tracking device on his truck which led them to the compound where they were holding a kangaroo “people’s court” for Rivers. Mac went to higher ground to try and call out on their cell phone while H went in to the compound and was allowed to “defend” Rivers. Yarrow’s daughter testified that Brian did have his gun in the forest and that her father had gotten it back the next day. Warren Toobin testified that Brian had brought supplies for him, then saw soldiers coming and assumed they were after Toobin. The boy had shot at Rivers just to scare him and allow time for Toobin to escape, but was shot and killed. Toobin said he had taken the gun, gathered the casing and hid “while the soldiers went by.” That was a lie however, because none of Rivers’ men had been there with him, and when Harm tried to say so the judge gagged him.

Yarrow quoted the Declaration of Independence and spouted rhetoric about his opinions of the government. Harm pointed out that the founding fathers said the established government shouldn’t be abolished for light and trivial reasons; so they gave the Constitution in order that it wouldn’t be. Harm countered that the separatists really ignore the Constitution and that Rivers had only had returned fire – “just like any of you would do.” Brian had died “because of the hate and suspicion his father had planted in his heart,” he continued.

Chegwidden assigned B to see if the Forest Service had been pressured to close the normal insertion area so that the SEALs would be required to use the alternative route near Toobin. Lewis’ gang on the jury found Rivers guilty without deliberation and the judge sentenced him to be hanged, just as a military helicopter flew over. They put H, M & Rivers in a shed while Toobin escaped out a tunnel and the rest got their guns ready for a standoff.

Harm realized that the autopsy had shown Brian had been shot in the back which exhonorated Rivers. They surmised that Grenan had done it and told Yarrow; but, he wouldn’t believe them. Chegwidden came into the compound and promised that “someone would pay” to no avail; so, Rivers stood out to let Yarrow shoot him instead of harming the others. Yarrow’s daughter stopped him saying “she didn’t want to loose him too.”

As Rivers limped out of the compound free, he told C that a Copperhead had bit him. Chegwidden quipped “I hope you bit him back.”

[The producers felt the need for epilogue titles in this fictitious story claiming that Rivers had been exonerated and was back instructing SEALs, Grenan had been temporarily suspended and faced possible manslaughter charges, and Toobin was still at large. None of those plot lines were ever followed up.]

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  1. A reader, “hdevr88,” sent in a very lengthy comment pointing out what he thought were 17 grammatical errors in this post. I’ve chosen not to add it to the comments but rather to just go over this particular episode and spend the time necessary to make clarifications and corrections. There are definite punctuation guidelines in the English Language and the web has “dummied down” the language a good amount; but, many of his suggestions were opinions rather than being based on “rules.”

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