Deja Vu – 4

Written by: Evan Katz; Watch Now: Link to video of episode on Amazon

JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) investigate the series of murders of Navy Lieutenants in the DC area around Arlington cemetery. Detective Axelrad was territorial and refused to share information until Meg “schmoozed” him in a revealing red dress. The victim of the last murder, Lt Harbin, was seen in the company of the Thai ambassador’s wife Angelique Sonsiri. She had an “attraction” to Harm and came to his apartment claiming the knife used in killing Harbin was from her set so the killer must have been either her husband or their security chief.

CPO Markwood was in the cemetery the night of the death and was paid by someone “not to remember anything”; but later, with a bolt of conscience, told H that it was the security chief who had paid him. Harm and Mg obtained military spy equipment with a requisition signed by acting JAG Ted Lindsay convincing him not to ask what they were for so he could maintain his “deniability.” When Angelique went to Hs apartment the security chief “snipered” at them from an adjoining roof top but missed every shot except on Markwood. Harm cornered the sniper on the roof top and was forced to shoot him; but, a metal sternal plate from an old injury saved his life.

Harm went to dinner with Angelique whose looks produced “flashbacks” for him back to “Gym,” the daughter of a Vietnamese woman who helped Stryker and him look for Rabb Sr in Laos. Harm did distrust Angelique and didn’t drink the champagne she offered him which might have been spiked; but, she gave him a piece of chocolate containing the heavy antihistamine she used in her murders. She momentarily “lost it” when harm told her his story about Gym. She exclaimed “how do you know they weren’t alive – you left them!” She and her mother had been abandoned by her father, Lt Lawton Parker, who had died and was buried in Arlington. She took H to the cemetery to kill him too, but Mg discovered that the security chief was a former sniper and could have killed them but deliberately missed his shots. He had been in love with Angelique for years and was covering up for her murders. He deliberately drew Hs fire to commit suicide. Lindsay told Mg that Parker was in Arlington so she went to find H and had to fight Angelique for the knife but saved the drugged Harm.

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