Nobody’s Child – 78

Written by: Stephen Zito; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

An unknown girl was beaten to death on abandoned naval property which was being turned over to DC. Although not a student, she stowed away on a school bus which was touring the base but sneaked away and was chased down by a naval Master Chief. The JAG Chegwidden (C) assigned Harm (H) and Mac (M) to see to it that the ball wasn’t dropped. Agent Holland was investigating for NCIS and they found a Master Chief insignia in the girls hand. While there, H seemed contemplative and saw the girl in sort of a vision. He sent M on back and he stayed with the body while the autopsy was performed. He asked C to be assigned to the case and was allowed. Eventually he brought in Doctor Coulter to perform another, more thorough, autopsy and she found that the child had died from severe abuse including being locked away and needing to eat paper to survive. No one had reported a child missing and H and Coulter held a burial service and read from the bible.

Mac could tell that H got the “same look in his eye” as when he was chasing his father and defending the “king of fleas” but H kept shutting her out. Bud (B) found records of a convicted child abuser living in the area with his brother who was a master chief. He and H tailed the man, William Hawkins, and harassed him until he told them where he had seen the child and that he had worried she was being abused but because of his background was afraid to report that he knew. Harm took a drawing around to the neighborhood and found a woman who would tell him where she had seen the girl if H would track down her deadbeat navy husband. The girl turned out to have lived with her aunt Marjorie Lewis who had moved out with “Charlie” one week prior, in a hurry and without giving any notice. She said that the girl never spoke and didn’t even say thanks when she had been given one of her husbands insignias.

A social worker told H and Coulter that the girls name was Annie Lewis and her mother had died 3 years previously. She had been given to her maternal grandmother to raise, but she had also died 6 months previously and Annie had been lost to the records. She said she couldn’t legally give H the address but left the chart out where he could see it. They went to the abandoned house and had “feelings” that the child had been there – then found the closet where she had been locked. Harm discovered the girl, which he had seen twice in vision, and followed her to a secret hiding place. She was the dead girls twin sister, Dar Lin. She said that “they grabbed Annie but I got away” and that Charlie had locked them both in the closet. He had told them that he would stomp their head if they weren’t good. Harm promised her he would find Charlie and make him pay. Then he was shown making the same promise to a headstone engraved with Annie’s name.

Back at JAG office, Chegwidden gave B the newspaper to read which reported that he had passed the Bar exam. Harriet was helping with the case and clumsily dropped the folder of photographs onto the floor. She freaked out when she saw them and then flew into a rage at H for taking the case when he didn’t have to and getting B involved. She slugged H then came to C the next day and dramatically resigned her commission. He tried to downplay the incident but she said she “struck an officer.” He said that all he had seen was her making an exaggerated gesture which by chance struck H. He tore up her resignation and muttered “I can’t count the number of times I thought about hitting Rabb.”

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