Wilderness of Mirrors – 82

Written by: Paul Levine; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Chegwidden (C) was scheduled to argue a case before the supreme court having to do with a sailor who developed aids, thereby earning his “silver quill pen.” He decided to hold a Moot court on a Saturday in order to prepare and asked everyone to come and be mock judges. Harm (H) had planed to go sailing with Jordan but didn’t say anything about it so Mac (M) spoke up for him. Chegwidden gave M, Bud (B) and Brumby (Brum) robes for the occasion and made B the mock “chief justice.” The SECNAV came to try and get C to let a “justice weenie” argue the case. Chegwidden accused him of not trusting him and said that arguing before the supreme court for a lawyer was like planting the flag on Sarabachi and he not only was capable but intended to win. Bud agreed with one of Cs arguments one time and was roundly chastised and told to be “aggressive.” B was shown making several very technical points and eventually got so carried away that he became belligerent and abusive to C, telling him to sit down. Mac jumped in and extended the time so C could make his argument and was able to “win” his point. However, M came to Cs house after she was relieved from watch to inform him that the sailor in question had resigned his commission thereby canceling the case. Chegwidden couldn’t be comforted and told her that “the other side retreated, there’s no satisfaction in that!” When B apologized for his belligerence C told him that he could be a great lawyer, to just let his style develop naturally and not to fire any weapons in the courtroom.

Harm began unexpectedly “seeing his father.” First at JAG then at his apartment. He got phone calls with his fathers voice. Jordan was staying at his apartment for the weekend and was interrupted by a patient who was seeing his dead partner and feeling guilty over missing a shot. Because H was having his own “visions” he went to talk to M instead of Jordan, telling her that she had always humored his occasional metaphysical moments. Mac told him that he should be speaking to Jordan so he eventually did with his anticipated results. She immediately jumped to the diagnosis of hallucinations and wanted to do a CT scan to rule organic brain disease. He eventually realized that the voice on the phone calls were exactly what his father had said in his letter tapes, and found that the tapes were out of order in his drawer; so, someone had been in his apartment. Of course he thought of Clark Palmer, and was correct.

Harm traced a phone call back to a hotel where a Harmon Rabb Sr was registered. Harm said he could be the hunted or the hunter so, over Jordan’s objections, went to confront Palmer. It was merely a ruse, however, in order to get Jordan alone in Harm’s apartment so Palmer could take her hostage. He gagged and bound her to a chair and placed her behind a Mylar mirror angled so H would see Palmer sitting in a chair from the door. When H returned to the apartment, Palmer had the lights off and flashed lights into Hs eyes while he talked to him. Harm pulled his gun while they argued and finally Palmer pulled his gun to force H to fire. Jordan tapped the mirror with her foot but H realized the image of Palmer was drawing his gun with the reverse hand so he fired to the side of the mirror. Jordan capitulated that H wasn’t unstable and didn’t need therapy. Harm accompanied Palmer to Leavenworth so he actually made it into jail this time. Palmer faked a trip and was shown picking up a paper clip and secreting it in his sling.

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