Soul Searching – 83

Written by: Donald Bellisario; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Harm’s (H) Corvette was stolen and he got hung up in the telephone menus to the police when trying to report it. Brumby (Brum) flippantly told H that it probably had been chopped up so “just let it go.” Mac (M) finally helped H report it to a detective friend of hers who didn’t hold much hope either. Harriet (Ht) drug Bud (B) to car lots in order to buy a minivan for their upcoming baby. She succumbed to a hot shot salesman and wanted a van with all the bells and whistles which cost more than B made in a year.

Webb (W) froze and didn’t fire when his mentor Tim Fawkes was kidnapped in Italy by Teresa Marcello of the Red Brigade. She was “freelancing” for the Serbs in order to work a “trade” but the “company” wouldn’t even acknowledge Fawkes. Webb attempted a rescue, without “company” authorization, which failed, to the hurt of Italian police who were helping him, because the kidnappers seemed to be warned beforehand. Webb came to request Chegwidden (C) for his help knowing that Fawkes had also saved Cs life in Vietnam. Chegwidden said “he saved my soul.”

They needed Enrico Amati, a mafia don, to tell them were Fawkes was being held. It turned out that C had killed Amati’s nephew while rescuing his daughter Francesca. Chegwidden acknowledged that Amati needed to fulfill his obligation to his families vendetta but got Amati to delay notifying his sister for 24 hours. They obtained some satellite surveillance time and found that Marcello was moving Fawkes and kept looking up to the sky. That made them realize that the terrorists had been told they were under sattelite surveillance by George Decker, the CIA station chief who was in charge of the CIA’s “non-response.” Actually he had been paying some money to the kidnappers each month as “option” until he could get the million dollars that was demanded to be authorized. Chegwidden coerced him into helping them “pretend” to pay ransom.

Chegwidden told W that many years previously he had been assigned to “take out” a person who was using drugs to interrogate captive US soldiers and obtain intelligence. Fawkes had been the “spotter” who was to call his shot using a baseball analogy code. Fawkes realized the person was a nun and didn’t call the shot; so, C didn’t need to shoot her. They decided to use the same analogy to rescue Fawkes. Decker was wired so that his conversation could be heard over the wireless by W and C who were stationed around the money drop point. When Fawkes understood their use of the old code, he was able to call the locations for shots and they were able to take the two terrorists out before they could detonate the radio controlled explosive vest they made Fawkes wear for the money transfer.

While C was gone, H was acting JAG and attended the budget hearings. He and B decided to put the money needed to repair the courtroom ceiling and roof from the bullet holes he made, into the building health budget. The police eventually found only the frame of Hs Vet in a chop shop after the rest had been stripped and sold. Mac, who was with him, retrieved Hs gear shift knob for him to put in his new car. He decided to get an off-road vehicle, emotionally unable to replace his vet. Harriet forced B to accept her fathers money to buy the minivan and M bought a red vet, much to Hs dismay.

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