Yeah Baby – 84

Written by: Scott Gemmill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[An Important episode in JAG history. Harm leaves JAG and they make the “5-year baby promise.”]

Harm (H) had a dream of his night carrier crash that killed his RIO. Mac (M) had a dream of kissing Brumby (Brum) in an elevator. Jordan came to cook H breakfast and saw his letter of request for change of designator and transfer, which upset her. Harriet (Ht) was grousing at Bud (B) for grimacing when she insisted on talking about “breast pumps” in the middle of JAG. Harm gave Chegwidden (C) his request for reassignment. Initially C was pleasant but as H ignored his logic about “backward stepping” he became more agitated and dismissed him. Jordan came to Hs apartment to confront him and said “I’ve never been dumped for an airplane.” She said she fell in love with a lawyer and not a fighter pilot and stormed out saying “call me when you’ve made up your mind.”

Chloe was staying with M and talked about her father and M getting married so she could have a mother again. After Jordan left, H went to talk to M and she was first upset that he hadn’t told her about having surgery and then said “you can’t do that” about leaving JAG. After H left Ms apartment, Brum came unannounced and M told him “it was a bad time.” Chegwidden talked to the SECNAV about changing Hs designator. The SECNAV said they didn’t retrain people past their prime, it was career suicide and he’d “been a thorn in his side since he first heard his name.” Chegwidden said “well it’s HIS career,” and the SECNAV said he hated to help but “it would get him the #$% out of Washington.” Chegwidden told harm that he had spoken with the SECNAV, that it was the “stupidest thing he ever seen him do,” and he was replacing him with Brum.

Chloe’s father Kyle came to take her away to her to grandparents, leaving M alone. Mac talked to C in the kitchen and when C asked if he could help she said “no, you’re one of them.” When C asked “which one” M said “both of them.” Brum persistently pursued M and compared her to his mother while they were stuck in a intermittently broken elevator.

Bud defended lance corporal Edward Carr who’s Staff Sergeant, Aileen Morris, had seduced him then distanced him to keep it secret. Bud asked the pregnant Morris on the stand directly if she had seduced Carr and she wouldn’t answer because she had gone into labor. Imes complained that he had badgered her client into labor. Morris had no one to take her to the hospital and Carr volunteered. She admitted that it was his child. Harriet also went into abnormal labor and was taken to Cs office. Bud got himself locked in the elevator, H said he “didn’t want to do it again,” and Brum offered but was sent packing after admitting he’d only delivered sheep. Tiner’s grandmother was a midwife so he tried but fainted when he saw the baby crowning. Buds client took Ht’s ambulance so amidst confusion C delivered the baby in his office.

Mac told H that just as she put her life together “everyone always leaves and pulls it apart.” Harm missed the reference to himself but said that “if neither of them are in a relationship 5 years from this moment we will go halves on a baby.” “don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she warned. “I haven’t yet,” he said and they shook on it.

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