Goodbyes – 85

Written by: Stephen Zito; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[This was the JAF seasons cliffhanger as DJE’s next year contract not settled.]

Charlie Lynch was back and came after Dar-Lin. He killed his old Master Chief, who had gotten him discharged, then a motel owner and Dar-Lin’s aunt. He told a bar maid that he was trying to settle some scores and start over again. JAG officer Harmon Rabb (H) told Mac (M) that he wanted to see what he had missed by loosing his sight. He said he wanted to start with a clean slate and she observed that “you have anything BUT a clean slate.” Lynch impersonated a step-brother, trying to get information from the social worker; but, she was on to him and reported him to NCIS. However, a loose lipped policeman told him everything he wanted to know including Hs name. Before H could move Dar-lin to another safe-house, Lynch got some stationary from the SECNAV and got entry to the base. He shot the sentry and foster mother then kidnapped Dar-Lin. He took her to his old decommissioned ship where H confronted him before agent Holland and backup arrived. Charlie attacked H with an axe so H shot him. Jordan helped Dar-lin but was distant to H.

Baby AJ was christened with H and M as godparents. Mac said she wanted a “great career, a good man and lots of comfortable shoes.” The JAG, Chegwidden (C), tried several times to talk H out of leaving; but, obtained authorization from SECNAV and orders to Pensacola for him, which he offered to cancel. Chegwidden told M that he wouldn’t take H back if he decided to come back. Harm said goodbye to everyone. Bud (B) hugged him uncomfortably, Brumby (Brum)was scoping out his office and M embraced him, weeping, saying that she had “so much she wanted to say but didn’t have the words,” and “why am I the only one crying.” H backed out door with his one box of things and saw everyone watching: M was played out; C disappointed; Tiner and Harriett stoic; B raised eyebrows in “good luck”; and, Brum just nodded “yes.”

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