Rules of Engagement – 87

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[Continued from previous JAG episode]

The SECNAV (yet again) slammed on the JAG, Chegwidden (C), demanding the rushed prosecution of Lt Andy Buxton to appease the Russian sensibility over the death of their peacekeepers. He was even more incensed to learn that Harm (H) was on the ship. Mac (M) and Bud (B) were assigned to investigate and, after their welcoming hug, H was surprised to see that M had been promoted. He snapped to attention and became very military. He said he was not with JAG anymore so wouldn’t help her investigation. Buxton complained to H that it “just felt right” to attack the vehicles driving down the road toward some civilians. He said they were just in the wrong place when I was in the right place. The SECNAV forced a charge of manslaughter and Buxton claimed he had spoken with H as a lawyer so he couldn’t be a witness. Chegwidden also sent Brumby (Brum) to “second” Hs defense.

Bud continually reveried a shipboard pilots wonderful life and miserated over being a “legal weenie.” The JAG, Aldridge, testified that Buxton had disregarded the rules of engagement and had ridiculed them when they were explained to him. Aldridge said that Buxton asked if he needed to “ask the president when he had to scratch his six.” Brumby argued with H about everything the whole case. Then during the cross examination of the CAG, Capt Pike, Brumby took over and tried to blame the CAG for not recognizing incompetence, but Buxton stopped him.

The Russian admiral, “liaison” was angry and demanding throughout the trial. Harm finally took the offensive and explained that: the Russian and the hostiles flags were almost identical; the vehicle shot at was the same as used by hostiles to kill civilians; and standing orders were to protect civilians. Mac pointed to the ROE which authorized “fire only after fired upon” and get “permission” before engaging. Harm did get him acquitted but then recommended reassignment. The CAG sent Buxton TAD to Capodichino as corrosion control officer pending a FNAEB to yank his flight status. Harm said he would testify against Buxton telling him “you’re a menace to yourself and us.”

Bud revealed to M that he and Harriett hadn’t been amorous since AJ was born. Mac called Ht and “fixed it.” Harriet called B and “talked dirty,” to make him feel better; and B was annoyed when H tried to distract him with offers to fly in an F14 and “even shoot the guns” and told him to “go away.”

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