Psychic Warrior – 91

Written by: Paul Levine; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Lieutenant McGrane, the subject of a “remote viewing” experiment had “flashbacks” and killed himself by escaping the room and jumping off a balcony. Admiral Harrison Spencer, the director of the “Star Gazer” research program for the navy was then blamed for the death by Admiral Linsenmeyer, director of naval intelligence, who was trying to make the “embarrassing program” go-away. McGrane had lied in order to join the experiment and Spencer had initiated his “viewing” experience before the mandatory drug screen had returned. McGrane was using the psychotropic drugs “Sertraline and Fluoxetrine” for “manic-depression and anxiety.”

The arrogant Linsenmeyer commanded Harm (H) and Mac (M) to “work it out with the minimum embarrassment to the navy,” and H had to put him in his place saying his sole allegiance was to exonerate Spencer. Mac badgered H about paranormal belief and predicting the super bowl. Spencer wanted to take the stand and use the trial to publicize his research despite Hs disagreement. Mac badgered Spencer into claiming that he could bend spoons and trying to do so on the witness stand. He failed and blamed it on the “environment” of the courtroom. Bud (B) was helping M with prosecution but began badgering professor Pilkinton, his own know-it-all skeptic witness who was maligning anyone who believed in paranormal activities in general. Mac had to tell B to “sit down and be quiet.” On cross examination, H showed the witness up for the arrogant bigot he was.

Chloe called M from her grandparents house and asked if she was dating H yet. Chloe said that she had a dream where they married and she was the flower girl. Later she fell off her horse during a ride and went missing. Mac was worried and Spencer offered to “remote view” in order to find her. Mac told him unequivocally “no”; but, then while M was cross examining him she went into a trance and said he saw Chloe under a covered bridge, over a dry stream, by some white rocks. Spencer was found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter but guilty of disobeying an order (using McGrane before tox screen back). Mac flew back to Chloe’s grandparents house and, while on the plane, had a “vision” of lightening striking a tree in the forest and Chloe appearing from behind it. When riding in the truck with her grandmother they were stopped by a tree across the road. Mac recognized it from her vision and began searching the area. Chloe was found wet and whining. When M came back to JAG she said that she was recommending the court accept “mitigating” evidence and retirement with no loss of rank or benefits. Spencer looked at her surprised by her turn-around and declared that she must have seen a vision. When M admitted she had to H, he asked her who was going to win the super bowl.

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