Rogue – 92

Written by: Larry Moskowitz; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Bud (B) was assigned as the JAG liaison to the ex-SEAL Jack Raglan who conducts “mock” terrorist activities on naval facilities in order to test security. General Otis Flannick arrogantly ignored Raglan’s breaking into and blowing up his base until Raglan added “believability” to it by adding public humiliation and “capturing” his wife from her shower. Bud hoped that would end his assignment but Chegwidden (C) told him that he was the most junior so he had to do it. Bud told Harm (H) that he didn’t think the sentries, with live ammunition, knew it was just a game so H went to talk with Raglan. During a manly hug Raglan stole Hs wallet – in order to teach him a lesson about security; but, H had already taken out his ID cards and lifted Raglan’s wallet as well. He said “fake left, go right” and reminded him of their football days together.

Admiral Tom Kly told Raglan that his program was ended but gave him one last mission: “to sink a submarine.” Instead, Raglan stole the San Pedro which was loaded with 60-mile range missiles. Chegwidden took H with him to investigate and left Mac (M) in charge telling her that she could tell Harriet (Ht) of Bud’s predicament at her own discretion. Harm told Kly that Raglan had done it “to prove you made a mistake in pulling the plug” and that it would be in a “big and out-in-the-open way.” Raglan had B, who injured his knee during the take over, read a prepared statement asking for $100 million or they would blow up a civilian target. The frigate USS Ellyson went to intercept the San Pedro so H joined it because he was the one who knew Raglan the best. The skipper, Commander Wallace Burke [The malicious, know-it-all, who court-martialed the SECNAVs son in a previous episode] started in with bullying and abusing Harm. Raglan hid below a thermocline then fired a water slug to confuse Burke and get away. Bud tried to signal but was tied up until he promised to behave.

Harm told Burke that Raglan would go west down the coast and Burke said East. A sensor was tripped east so Burke chased and ordered “sub bombs” dropped over Hs vehement objections [baiting him as he had done the SECNAVs son]. They turned out to be low energy charges to Hs relief and said it was “payback” for Hs cross-examination which had embarrassed him. Raglan radioed “you just blew up a decoy, you return to base.” Kly and C discussed philosophical issues about evacuating New York and that it had become personal. Finally Kly offered to consider it a “misinterpretation of orders” if Raglan would give up. Raglan gave the order to blow up the Statue of Liberty then let B think that he had swayed one of the crew by letting him use the radio to “tattle” to H about the target. This gave Raglan time enough to leave the ship. Burke was enthused about “killing” the sub and had ordered to “fire” on it just as it surfaced and gave up. Harm figured out that Raglan wasn’t on board and surmised that he was going after Kly’s wife just as he had done with gen Flannick. Harm was ready to intercept him. Kly was going to court-martial Raglan but H intervened saying it was a legal minefield having been deceived and defeated by a security exercise he had authorized himself. Chegwidden asked him if he really wanted the public to know he had been ready to blow up a $600 million sub. Kly relented.

Harriett, who had gone home to be with little AJ upset that B was in danger, came back and hugged him. Harm said “don’t I get a hug, I helped” and B replied “just as soon as I’m done with my wife.”

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