Mishap – 95

Written by: Larry Moskowitz; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Elizabeth “Skates” Hawkes was acting as LSO (“Paddles”) when Lt Dalton Jonas crashed into the fantail of the USS Patrick Henry. In investigation Mac (M) thought she was “culpable” and Brumby (Brum) said she was “not.” Mac and Brum prosecute, Capt Ingles decided to hold court-martial and Harm (H) was assigned to defend her. Hawkes told H that Jonas was a “deck spotter” and didn’t fly the ball. “He eased the gun on final and then made a play for deck – he panicked.” She said that she didn’t want to send him around again because “he probably couldn’t keep it together.” However, she kept second guessing and blaming herself. Harm reminded her of when he grabbed her chute and kept her from going into the ocean and told her “I didn’t drop you then and I won’t drop you now.”

In testimony Jonas gave opinion that Skates should have given him wave off sooner. Commander Bates said that he had ordered Skates to “send him around again” while he was returning back to the deck. Harm asked B for his help overheard by Singer (S) who then came into his office, closed the door and volunteered saying that she wanted a chance to impress him. He declined and told her to “next time leave the door open.” Harms friend “Tuna” came to talk to talk and said that Skates was being “railroaded.” He pointed out many accidents due to ship not being combat ready but H would “have to find the evidence on his own.” Harm asked Ingles for ships records and Ingles threw him off the ship after he arrogantly maligned H. Then he preemptively sent a complaint to Chegwidden (C) that H had tried to blackmail him into dropping the case. Chegwidden told H that he would put the complaint “with all the others.”

The XO, Cameron, tried to face down H saying he’d “badly misjudged the caliber of officers on the ship.” Harm replied back “if you think you can intimidate me you’ve badly misjudged, period… sir.” Mac accused H of turning it into a personal battle with Ingles. He showed that they had repaired radios by cannibalizing parts, had lost catapult pressure from people gun-decking readiness checks, and Leatham testified of misallocation of funds and short staff. Mac reminded H of when, as acting JAG, he told her not to shift blame or wrestle with two stars. On the stand M tried to get Skates to admit she was thinking about being a RIO and not thinking about landing and the ship. She told the jury that no matter what their verdict she was resigning not wanting “to be a part of an organization who punishes me for carrying out my duties.” Harm gave an eloquent closing saying he had been going to blame others but they were just honest, hardworking people doing their jobs the best they could; and said “please don’t accept her resignation.” Verdict was not guilty and Ingles asked H if he meant what he said in his closing or if it was just a lawyers trick. Harm said he “always means what he says” then told him that he would be honored to serve under him sometime. Ingles quipped, “I’d like to have you under my command!”

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  1. Sibel E was really great in this episode. In fact all episodes. I wished they made Skates Harm’s love interest instead of Renee or even Jordan or even Mac.

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