Into the Breech – 97

Written by: Paul Levine; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[Renee Peterson was introduced to the series as someone who was going to produce a Navy recruiting commercial]

Renee Peterson was hired to produce a recruiting commercial and was frustrated by being stuck with the legal aspect instead of something “interesting.” She ran around arrogantly abusing everyone at JAG, even Singer (S). Chegwidden (C) tried to give Harm (H) acting advice from his experience on the film “field of gold.” He assigned H and Mac (M) to assist in a mock trial being undertaken by cadets at the Iron Force Naval academy where his friend Commander Haglan worked. They were going to enact the trial of gunners mate Gregory Riordan, posthumously, for 29 counts of 1st degree murder when he blew up a gun turret to get even with his shipmates for hazing him.

The original investigation believed that Riordan had filled his boda bag with accelerant and placed it in the turret. Billy played the part of Riordan and Luisa (and M) his defense council. Steve (and H) were prosecution. They were able to find a real witness that would testify so Haglan said “lets have the trial that the Navy never had.” In the mock-trial, Terence Connor testified that he had actually filled Riordan’s boda bag with grease as a prank and and had seen him throw it overboard. Harm and M asked C to re-open the case. Chegwidden said no and to them to just go finish the case and then get back to work. The kids said no they weren’t going to quit, however, because they “didn’t work for C.” Steve, who was trying to hit on Louisa, chastised her for hanging out with “losers” like Billy.

While chatting, H told M that he “missed out on being a kid, trying to be the man of the house, shoulda gone to a disco.” Mac said “I know what you mean, I’ve seen you dance.” Mac counseled Louisa to be “better than the men but don’t rub their noses in it. Think like a woman but act like a man.”

Shepard Carmine testified that he saw a man come out of the turret with a bloody nose 15 minutes before the explosion. He sort of turned out to be a nut; but, Bud (B) checked sick bay records and found that PO Michael Saunders had lied about how he got his bloody nose. Gunny (G) helped B find Saunders through his ex-wife, Kathy. Harm went to the tavern Saunders worked at and got him to admit that he had thrown Riordan a “blanket party” and had held him upside down by the ankles over the rail above the screw until he cried. Happy about the findings, Louisa hugged Billy and Steve beat up Billy in the school’s restroom. Louisa advised Billy to report it and he declined saying he’d beat him in court. Billy remembered a letter written to Riordan by Kathy “with love,” so M and H went to talk to Saunder’s “ex” again. This time she admitted that the two had been fighting over her and that she had chosen Riordan. When he had died she was four months pregnant with their son, now named Greg Riordan after his real father.

Harm went back to Saunders and shamed him into testifying to prevent Greg from being embarrassed when he found out. Chegwidden attended the final day of trial to correct any possible miscarriages. Saunders said he had gone into Riordan’s turret and picket a fight over Kathy. While Riordan’s back was turned he saw someone load an extra bag of propellant but didn’t say anything about it. Riordan was acquitted in the mock trial and C said he would take care of the real case.

Chegwidden had tried to help Renee with her commercial and, when she maligned most of the navy who were “were not exciting,” gave a masterfully powerful speech about being “trained in the art of war, but the profession of peace.” She did seem to pause and told him that he had “great presence, but it was too hokey and would never sell.” She called B the Pillsbury Dough Boy then said that H almost works “if only he’d done something beside being a lawyer.” When the case was over, C told H to report to the Washington Monument during “magic hour” to help Renee.

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