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Character and Situational Realism

JAG Episode Summaries had its beginning back when I first became aware of the series (season three). Having served in the US Navy, I was immediately intrigued by the obvious intent of the producers to make the series as real-to-life as possible and it rapidly became a favored “watch.” Plots were plausible (for the most part), settings were many places I’d actually been to or had friends from, systems and administrations used the REAL JAG policies and, at the time I began watching, the characters were people that I’d like to associate with after a busy day at the office. However, the real kicker came when, after I had seen enough episodes, I discovered that they were taking the effort to give each character a ribbon-rack which was an actual representation of that characters military history (even if we didn’t know it at the time.)

TIVO Made It Happen

Additionally, that was about the time that I got my first TIVO – a machine which has freed me from advertisements and enables me to see programs which air when I’m unable to sit in front of the TV. I realized that many of the earlier episodes were being shown during the day and I was able to “catch up” on the “history” – a mixed blessing! I rapidly became confused with all the interwoven plots, recurring actors, back references and subtle sub-plots. I began keeping notes, on the computer, merely to aid my memory – and stifle the urge to get up and walk around the room during the program, a tendency if I need to sit longer than 10 minutes.

JAG Website Born

Being a database of material already on the computer, it was only natural that it became “content” for use when my Internet Service Provider (ATT) began enticing us with suggestions that “Creating your own web site is fast and easy.” JAG Episode Summaries was born with ONE reader – ME. Telling a friend and fellow JAG watcher grew unobtrusively into a small following as the series progressed into season’s four and five. Then, when I delayed too long in updating a couple of episodes, I got a suprise email from my site chiding me for my laxity – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Video Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks were added when I got a “video dongle” and was able to capture images from the television. People suggested/complained that I hadn’t added certain characters, wanted information about navy ribbons, pointed me to other resources and the whole endeavor grew to much more than I had ever anticipated.

Web Hosting

In 2009 I was notified by my long time ISP that they were getting out of the web hosting business (at least for the hundreds of thousands of “free” site customers). Because the series had ended many, many years previously I was disappointed, but resigned, to merely let the whole thing fade into the ether; except that readers of this and a couple of other sites balked and I was able, through donations, to obtain alternate hosting with “BlueHost.” In the interim, I had moved at least the summaries over to individual blog posts on Google’s “Blogger”; but, then I was able to move the entire site over to http://www.DJmed.net, scrapbooks and all.

Originally I had invented a way to use Microsoft Access as a content manager (silly me) and have it export HTML code over for the site. Moving it to Blogger, automated the search function a bit better and improved the Search Engine Ratings a bit due to more up-to-date coding methods. Now, steps are underway to move all the code over to using the WordPress content management system.

Why The Effort?

Why all the effort for a TV program which has been off the air for around 10 years? Well, because: ONE: There has not been even one alternative program aired which comes close to the accuracy and longevity of JAG; and, TWO this JAG site STILL has upwards of 6,000 visitors per month, many of whom send emails expressing gratitude that it’s still here while they are watching the programs in syndication – all over the world.


8 thoughts on “About The JAG Episode Summary Website

  1. Hi Everyone, JAG is Coming to INSP! Starting with a marathon on 9/8 at 6pm ET – USA. INSP reaches 75 million US homes on Cable, Dish, DIrect-TV and more.

  2. Somehow I missed the JAG series completely when it was current. I recently saw an episode or two on late night TV and got hooked. I purchased every season DVD from Amazon and have been watching them every night. I am into Season Seven now, nearing the end, however, I am positive I will be watching this show over and over. Great cast, love the dry humor of the JAG Admiral (takes you by surprise when you are least expecting it). The episodes when they each play a different character kind of reminds me of Star Trek the Next Generation on the Holladek (sp?). Just really enjoyable.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful website. I was never able to watch continuous episodes of JAG when I was still working, but I’m retired now and I’m having the most enjoyable time watching this great TV show from Season 1 to Season 10. I’m now on Season 5 and I’ve just discovered your website. You have done a magnificent job of documenting the show, and all its intricacies. Thank you again from Malaysia.

  4. I like your website as it is a gold mine for reference when I write fanfiction. The only thing missing is the Zulu Times & locations that were the start of every segment. There used to be a website that someone made that provided those. Unfortunately it is no longer on the Web. If you know of any other website with those, please reply. if not I’ll have to do what you did and copy them from every episode. Fortunately I have the full series on DVD.


    • You know, back more than 10 years ago when I began videotape recording and writing synopses, the zulu times didn’t seem that important, compared to the hundreds of other pieces of data that I was recording from every episode. I kinda wish I had now, it’s not often that a producer will give exact tie-ins to date/time on a TV episode. Tell you what, if you can resurrect information from the old site that you referenced, I’ll host it on this site. Sometimes, there are “images” or “cached” copies available. If the web master is using the site for something else (like I’ve thought about doing many times) sometimes they are still contactable – and possibly willing to provide it. If YOU have occasion to look up the Zulu times – I’d appreciate it if you would either shoot me a note OR leave a comment in the actual episode. It sounds like something that could/should be updated. Thanks.

  5. Hello,

    Enjoy your site very much. Have recently discovered JAG and am becoming quite a fan.

    This new website looks great – but isn’t currently usable on an iPad or iPhone. The graphic on the right completely obscures the text. I, and perhaps many others, would be able to access this site more frequently if this could be fixed.


    • Sorry, didn’t notice the issue for smaller screen sizes when I transported the whole site over to a new blogging platform. The sidebar issue is fixed now; however, I now see that the whole “scrapboox” coding didn’t port well to the new coding. Unfortunately, that will take a substantial amount of coding which will need to be applied when time becomes available. All the information is there, it’s just that it isn’t presented very clearly depending upon how small the screen size becomes.

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