Skeleton Crew – 22

[A “cliff hanger” which, because the show was cancelled by NBC, was not aired – until it was syndicated by the USA channel. To date it is still rarely, if ever, shown; and, I’ve just now seen it on the season one DVD. Catherine Bell, who played Lt Shoenke, only had a very brief role – but she was later brought back as “Mac,” who was then explained as “a dead ringer for Diane.” Patrick L. who had been in the pilot but took another position before the show was picked up, is now back in the series as Bud Roberts.]

Lt. Diane Shoenke, Jr. OOD, left the just-returned-from-deployment USS Seahawk (CVN-65) after standing mid-watch the first night back in port. She was pursued by Lt. Lamm who was upset that chief Bannon had let her off the ship in the Officer of the watch, Bud Roberts (B), absence. The next morning, while eating breakfast at a shore diner, B and Bannon found Shoenke shot dead in her car. Brian Turque (Tq) (pronounced turkey by everyone but himself) was the NCIS agent aboard the Seahawk investigating the case when Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) showed up under the JAG, Chegwidden’s (C) orders. Harm was visibly shaken and told Mg that he and Shoenke had been in the Academy together and were supposed to have had dinner together last night except she called to postpone due to mid-watch. Turque demanded H to pull off the case but was told that she had been “like a sister and I’m not leaving the murder investigation to someone who jumps to conclusions as much as you!” Then, to further her own political agenda Krennick (K) devised a plan that she would go be “lead” and H would “be under me” in the investigation. Cyhegwidden agreed and had to tell her that she was “sitting him my chair!”
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Ares – 21

[A interesting episode even though it is only marginally believable. Campisano was played by the same actor who would later go on to become the weenie JAG lawyer, Lt Yuen. Also, cockpit footage was used (intentional or not) of a pilot with “Pendry” on his helmet.]

JAG officer Harm (H) was in Okinawa in his Hawaiian shirt making a flight layover while on vacation; when, Lt Kate Pike (P) came aboard, at the request of Chegwidden (C), to extract him into a murder investigation. Lt Mason had been chasing a teen thief when his shipmate, Lt Donovan, found him dead with a “Yankee go home” sign on his neck. Pike said that she had become expert into turning temporary assignments into semi-permanent exile, having been in Okinawa for over 6 months. Donovan had shipped out to war games so H and Pike shuttled out to the Destroyer, USS Daniel Boone, with Mason’s replacement, Lt Cdr Gino Campisano. They met Pike’s old partner, Cdr Brockman, already aboard the ship; and, who quickly became a pain in the ass, lording his rank over H at every chance. Pike admitted to having an affair with him but broke it off after he wanted to get married. Brockman was still pursuing her however. Campisano bragged to H that he had been the one who had trained Mason on the new ARES system which only 3 or 4 people knew how to run. It was a prototype navigation and combat computer system which could recognize, track and destroy targets by automating nearly every aspect of ships functions (all except conventional radar and ships com) – even locking doors!
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The Prisoner – 20

[A sort of “odd” complicated plot difficult, at times, to follow. We do learn some more information about Harm, namely: Military ID number: 989-54-8301, DOB Oct 25th 1963 and several details about what he and his father did before leaving for Viet Nam Richard Crenna provided the voice of Harms “father”]

JAG officer Harm (H)was captured and brain-washed by Chinese who thought that he would be able to tell them whether or not the “Americans will intervene if we take back Matsu and Quemoy” from Taiwan. Maria Elena Carmelita Moreno Gutierrez was supposed to meet H to go sailing with him but he ended up going alone and went missing in action. Secretary Baird (dunderhead state flunky from the Cuban episode) told Krennick (K)to keep working with him on the legal report to the president while Austin (A) tried to find what had happened to Harm.
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Recovery – 19

The US recon satellite over China failed and a replacement satellite was launched but failed to reach proper orbit. The next Space Shuttle mission which was supposed to test High Energy Light experiments (laser) was transferred into a repair mission with a 3 day window of opportunity. During the launch there was a main engine breech which was supposed to become fatal in 60 seconds (but never did and was never explained) and required all the astronauts to use their escape baskets on a wire. During the escape the pilot, Cdr Atkins, fell to his death requiring Lt. Cdr. Mark Lowrey, the backup pilot, to take over. JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) came to the launch site to investigate, much to Atkins dismay.
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Survivors – 18

[A bit of an unusual JAG episode of a paranormal bent]

Col Matt Anderson’s son Trevor was being moved away from his father by his divorced mother. The boy began calling his father by a private nickname known between only his father and his father’s childhood/marine buddy, “digger.” That was so unusal, Anderson believed that somehow “Digger” must be speaking to him through his son. The Col hadn’t been able to keep a promise that he had made to “digger” which was to bring him back from Vietnam. Without consent of Anderson’s former wife, her attorney obtained an arrest warrant for the Col who was trying to take Trevor back to their boyhood cabin in order to somehow fulfill his promise.
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Black Ops – 17

[A truly masterfully written episode. Compare this episode with the season 10 episode “San Diego”, filmed to please CBS minions wanting the “younger demographic,” with its: intrusive space-ship music; vertiginous, aimlessly wandering photography; disgustingly confusing character morality; and superficial entertainment despite a moderately interesting core plot. This was a well written and delivered episode. Music was grand, photography larger than life, character development captivating and script (as C said) “heroic.”]

JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) investigated the death of USN Pilot, Lt Douglas Marion, the son of unforgiving Senator Grace Marion, during a SEAL “black op” mission; but, they were “stonewalled” by the entire group until finally they charged the whole team with obstruction of justice. Marion’s autopsy showed massive injury from his fall after his parachute didn’t open but also hypoxic coma which revealed some of the groups previous lies.
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High Ground – 16

An arrogant marine Col Gordon transferred Gunnery Sgt Ray Crockett back to the front and wouldn’t even listen to him trying to protest that he had an arrangement with two previous commanders for the rest of his three years of service. So, to get his attention he borrowed a rifle from one of his men and shot at Gordon’s rear view mirror some 1000 meters away. Gordon put him in the brig for court-martial of attempted murder. Chegwidden assigned Harm to investigate and try and save him if he could. C said that Crockett had been a sniper in Vietnam when C was pinned down in an ambush at night. He heard 18 shots and the next day found 18 dead NVA from Crockets rifle and that he was the best sniper the military ever had. Crockett had refused to let C buy him a drink. Krennick suggested that she accompany H and C told her “he’s capable of doing it on his own.” In the brig Crockett said that he didn’t remember Chegwidden and assured H that he wouldn’t be going to court-martial– he just wanted his deal that he had been promised, he had done enough killing. He caught a fly in his hand which impressed H. Crockett’s entire file was redacted so he called K for help. She made a big deal out of helping him and flew to Quantico with Crockett’s “real” file including his kill book. H read and learned it all so he could talk to him about his defense. Gordon tried to stack the investigation against Crockett and refused to even listen to H either.
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Hemlock – 15

JAG officer Meg (Mg) accidentally received a fax of “Shepard’s” itinerary from someone who was breaking into the British Naval Intelligence building to use their computers. He was nearly caught and had transposed the last two numbers of the fax number he was sending. Harm (H) went for a check-ride until about noon which really “ticked-off” Krennick (K) who was burying them with scut work from another agency which had “overflow,” in order to make points. Harm and Mg figured that “Shepard” must be some dignitary, and possibly classified, so he locked it in the safe while he went to lunch with an Annapolis friend, now in intelligence, Bruce Carmichael.
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Smoked – 14

[The new JAG, Chegwidden is introduced as well as Krennick’s stated intentions regarding Harm. The character Carlos Fuente’s is introduced played by Bernard White who would also play Sadik Fahd in later episodes.]

Krennick (K) was sexually harassing Harm (H) in her new job as aid to the new JAG, A. J. Chegwidden. “AJ” as he is called, was head of JAG in the pacific. He was a former SEAL in Vietnam who transferred to the fleet to command a destroyer then got a law degree and joined JAG. Krennick said that he had “gone from one branch of the service to the next, surfing the crest of them all.” She said that he eventually wanted the CNO position, like Adm. Arleigh Burke, who was chosen over the heads of many others by the president because he was “aggressive.” Krennick said that because H was the “shining star” he was a threat to her ambitions. When H said “I’m not that good or ambitious” she said “that is one of the reasons I want to sleep with you,” and “as long a you serve under me, you’ll have a tough time earning a sea scout badge.”
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Defensive Action – 11

The CAG, Captain Thomas Boone, and his wingmen Lt’s Painter and Entwhistle were over Bosnia trying to “send a Serb Hind helicopter back home” when Painters Tomcat suffered catastrophic failure and blew up. They both ejected but the Hind swung around and CAG saw it strafing the chutes. He took it out. Serbs claimed they were “rendering assistance” and postured to break the “peace accord” so the State Department called for an investigation of Boone.
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The Brotherhood – 13

[A very weakly written JAG plot, hokey and barely believable at times]

Marine PFC Terrance Hansen was found beaten and in a coma on the beach during landing exercises. Dr Sanford requested an investigation of Capt Overton’s Charlie Company “who has 2 times more injuries than other companies, mostly black.” Sanford said that the companies investigation by Lt Teese was biased because “he reports to Overton.” Overton pouted his lips and tried to act like what he thought was a tough guy throughout the episode. JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) easily revealed Teese’s sloppy investigation, giving Overton what he wanted to see.
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Sightings – 9

Cathy Gold, living with her uncle JD in lieu of an orphanage, went missing after some flying lights with painful sound and electromagnetic interference blasted their trailer. A former SEAL who wanted to distance himself from anything government by living as a hermit next to an abandoned air base, called the news media. Senator Dixon saw the story and asked JAG to investigate after an ATARs scan revealed nothing. The Sheriff disbelieved everything except that the “government” was probably doing something secret on the base without telling anybody. JD told JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) that there were funny smells with the north wind, painful noise and blinding lights. Others had reported “little green men.”
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Boot – 12

Private Shuler was found hanging dead from a rappelling tower by abusive drill instructors Sgt Gonzalez and Staff Sgt Carrington. Lindsey (L) told Harm (H) that the State Department wasn’t happy with his defense of the CAG and wanted to know how a JAG lawyer ended up parachuting into Bosnia. Meg (Mg) said their defense occasionally went beyond the courtroom and Lindsey agreed. State, however, wondered if staging jailbreaks in Iraq, flying missions in F-14s and recovering stolen nuclear weapons fit the definition of “occasionally.” Harm repeated the recruiting slogan that the Navy wasn’t just a job, it’s an adventure. Lindsey said he told them that he wouldn’t tell them how to run state if they didn’t tell him how to run JAG; but, wanted H to take a lower profile for awhile.
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