Rendezvous – 37

[This episode is where Bud and Harriett’s relationship began in earnest; A good storyline although aspects are ridiculous to the absurd; contains more ‘back-story’ about Mac’s childhood]

An abused woman, Liz Holst, testified that she had been going to sleep with Felker; but, “couldn’t go through with it” so had asked to go swimming. When she returned from the swim she said that she found Felker dead and thinking that the murderer might still be around she went home. When she arrived hom she found that her abusive husband, CPO Holst, the defendant in the case, still wasn’t home. When the JAG officers assigned to the case, Harm (H) and Harriet (Ht), were helping her move into the women’s shelter she dropped a folder; and, Ht snooping in it found love letters to Liz from PO Carlos. Harm, doing his duty, informed Mac (M), about the letters and she blew up at him for “trying to sandbag her again.” He told her that Holst was “pushing all your daddy buttons” and also that her emotions were hurting her case. Later he apologized and she told him that her father would come home drunk and demand that she come and take his shoes off. “Then the yelling would start,” she said, “then the slapping… and then the sobbing… his over being sorry.” She said she “didn’t “know which was worse – his hitting or his sobbing that he was sorry.” It wasn’t long before her mother “left him and me with him.” She admitted to starting drinking herself “just to get away.” Harm told her that “once you ID your enemy you can defeat him.”
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Cowboys and Cossacks – 34

Capt MacNamara of the USS Cayuga & Captain Grinkov of Russian warship Vasiliev have played a 10-year “macho” expensive game of “bumper cars with their ships,” ramming each others ships to see who could be first into the Sydney harbor etc. Now in a war game they did the same thing trying to enter the games area and collided. JAG officers Harm (H), Mac (M) and Bud (B) were assigned to “observe” the games but found they were to undergo an “officer trade” as observers. Harm asked MacNamara about the “damage” to his ship and was rebuffed. MacNamara arrogantly told him “you’ve only been on my ship 3 minutes and have ticked me off, let’s hope you do the same to Grinkov.”
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Code Blue -36

JAG officer Mac (M) met Harm (H) during his morning jog and baited him into a competition. When a car bore down on them crossing the road H pushed M out of the way and was thrown up over the car. He was admitted for observation of lacerations and head injury by a doctor who “wanted to see him walking around in a hospital gown.” When he asked where the head was, the nurse handed him a urinal. The Israeli minister of west bank security, Semadar Barruch, was rushed to the same hospital for a heart transplant for which he had been on the waiting list.
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The Guardian – 35

JAG officer Harm (H) defended Paul Bauwer, a homeless former SEAL who killed three convenience store robbers/murderers in order to protect his son, Marty, who was playing a video game in the store. Bauwer had been MIA for 4 years as a POW and his personnel file was mostly sealed. Bauwer had gone AWOL from a psyc evaluation nine years previously for nearly killing a man who Bauwer had claimed was stalking his wife. He now watched his son anonymously while he was living on the street. He fled to a church where Bud (B) just happened to be praying about not having studied for his final law exam.
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Force Recon – 33

JAG officers Mac (M) and Bud (B) were assigned to investigate two injuries during marine Force Recon training. Lt Col HR Malcom requested the investigation. Sgt Maj Sauer was shown “whipping Harm into marine shape” so he could go undercover to the Force Recon training without telling M. He posed as Gunny Post in order to investigate internally the training methods of legendary Capt “John Wayne” Koonan, who routinely went beyond established battle plans and made each assignment “harder” than it needed to be in order to make his men “tough.”
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The Game of Go – 23

A failed operation of Webb’s (W) to capture a drug lord, Carlos Estruga, got a marine, Sgt Jesus Silva, killed as they seemed to walk into a trap. Webb demanded the court marshal of a marine who failed to fire his weapon, Corporal Cordoba. Estruga called ambassador Witherspoon and was shown placing pieces on a game board while claiming that Silva was alive and “willing to speak on videotape about the failed attempt to kidnap me.” Witherspoon’s secretary, Marisol, was shown suspiciously listening in to all his telephone conversations. JAG officers Harm (H), Mac (M) and Bud (B) were sent to investigate.
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Washington Holiday – 32

King Josif of Romania was planning on requesting admission to NATO and the hard liners in his country threaten to kill his daughter, Princess Alexandra – a spoiled brat, if he does. They shot her bodyguard, while at a function, as a warning to the king. Webb (W) convinced the SECNAV to assign JAG officer Harm (H) as her “escort” to official functions while she was in the country.
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Full Engagement – 31

[We learn more back story about Harm and his flying family as he and Mac get better acquainted.]

Harm (H) talked Mac (M) into “playing hooky” from JAG and going with him flying in his Stearman over the Appalachian mountains. He let her fly and laughed as she got it into a power dive then delayed pulling it out to frighten her. They had engine trouble and had to land in an open field with a split fuel line. Harm wanted to stay near the plane but M insisted on looking for a cabin and marched off by herself until H followed. They heard gunshots which turned out to be three redneck poachers killing a game warden. When the leader of the group tried to tell H that he had bought the warden’s jeep in an auction, H asked about the police radio too. One poacher took a shot at them so they fled to the jeep and tried to hot wire it mid a hailstorm of gunfire. Mac returned fire with her flare gun as H stole the fuel line from the jeep. Mac was shot in the leg and H carried her to safety as they set the jeep on fire. They used brandy to “sterilize the wound” but she got infected anyway. They built a shelter for the night and M blamed H for caring more about his plane, Sarah, than he did for them getting out. H revealed that his grandfather had earned his wings in a Stearman like that and had been “killed flying off the Hornet in ’42.” His grandmother had kept it under a tarp, and he and his dad were going to restore it; but, his dad was shot down in Vietnam. After Hs “night blindness” crash he spent time with his grandmother and restored the plane – “it was like dad was with me.”
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Ghosts -30

The JAG, Chegwidden’s (C) friend, judge Laura DeLaney, was jogging along their usual jogging trail and ran away from him and into a booby trap meant for C. He noticed a miniature Buddha statue placed nearby with a hole in it’s belly whcih had meaning to him from his Vietnam past. Chegwidden was fearful for DeLaney, especially her confirmation hearings, so called off their relationship… to her great annoyance. Osborne came ostensibly wanting to know about the Buddha and C said that he didn’t believe in ghosts. Osborne left a bug under Chegwidden’s chair. Chegwidden asked Harm (H) to add a codicil to Cs will for him but wouldn’t say what it was about. Harm found the Buddha statue in the garbage can and of course began investigating with Mac (M).
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Trinity – 24

A baby, Jimmy Nevins/Barnes, the son of Lt Linda Nevins (daughter of Adm Nevins of SINC-PAC) and IRA member Lorcan Barnes (the ghost) was kidnapped from military base. The kidnapper left a poem, which was a favorite of Barnes, that seemed to be an indication Barnes had the baby without actually saying it. JAG officers Harm (H) and Mac (M) were sent to investigate and were met at the airport by Detective Jonathan Graham of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) who took them to headquarters where they walked in on Inspector Vincent Hutchinson interrogating Linda Nevins. Incensed, H stopped Hutchinson leaving M to talk to Nevins. Hutchinson told Nevins that Barnes wanted the baby for a human shield which Nevins knew was completely absurd. Hutchinson told H that finding the baby was just “complicating the matter” of finding “the likes of Barnes.” H replied that “the baby IS the matter.”
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Crossing the Line – 29

[An interesting, but a bit exhasperating episode. The authors do not provide adequate ‘closure’. It does introduce a major character and Bud’s love interest.]

Lt Marilyn Isaacs, an excuse-ridden, incompetent female pilot, called the sexual harassment hotline against Capt Tom Boone (CAG) after he grounded her aboard the Seahawk. She claimed that she had been embarrassed by master chief Sullivan and others during the “crossing-the-line (equator)” ceremonies. Harm (H) and Mac (M) were assigned to do an “impartial” JAG investigation. Harm said that during his own ceremony he “was hosed, did about 1000 sit ups, dunked twice, slow-danced 30 minutes with Bob Fredericks, and crawled blindfolded through the tunnel of moral courage.”
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Heroes – 26

[This is the most often referenced episode in the whole JAG ten year series! It establishes ‘ground rules’ and expectations for Harm and Mac’s relationship.]

A SEAL team had boarded a terrorist ship full of “Symtex” explosives and planted a detonator when the team was surrounded by terrorists. PO1 Mark Harridan charged into the middle firing and saved their unit. On the way out Harridan was shot by CPO Greg Connor in a corridor. Gorski retrieved Harridan’s body and claimed Connor had done it on purpose. Harm (H) was the JAG that prosecuted and couldn’t get past the idea that Connor was too good for it to be an accident. Connor requested Mac (M) as defense because he heard that “after Rabb, you are the best.”
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Jinx – 27

[Another very complicated JAG plot]

JAG officer Bud (B) answered his cell phone while flying with Harm (H) in his stearman. Mac (M) asked them to meet her and then told H that Lt Tess McKee had been killed when her F-14 hit a flock of birds during a low level flight practice mission and had spun into the ocean. McKee had held on long enough for her RIO, Lt Peter Ayers, to eject. She had been recommended, by several members of congress, to be appointed as the first female member of the Blue Angels.
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