Secrets – 28

[A very complicated plot, but gives background for Webb and the CIA connections which will be used in upcomming episodes]

Mac (M) was in her new office at JAG and shown helping Bud (B) study for a law exam. Corporal Jason Magida, who had been in the brig for eight of his twenty year sentence for espionage, poisoned the water supply to overwhelm the brig’s infirmary and escaped during the confusion. He made a beeline for the man who had put him there, Admiral Chegwidden (c), and took him hostage – “to clear his name.” Chegwidden, who had wanted to see Harm (H) on the Russell file, told him he wanted the “Clawson file” (which was a code for someone who had taken their CO hostage). Harm picked up on the reference and, with B’s help, and cleared the building.
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We the People – 25

[A bit ‘far fetched’; but none-the-less a significant episode in that Mac’s history and family is further elucidated. Unfortunately, it was never followed up on except a cursory tangential mention. This episode also introduced Hs new partner and an explanation for a frequently used ‘excuse’ for his odd personal behaviors.]

JAG officer Harm (H) was presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross by President Clinton for rescuing the unconscious Capt Thomas Boon (the CAG) and landing on a carrier despite his ‘night blindness’. Bud Roberts, (B) attending law school at night, was introduced as a new JAG assistant in Hs section. He had been recommended by Meg (Mg) before she left. Sarah Mackenzie (M) was introduced as Hs new associate, to replace Meg. Clinton told H that he may single-handedly give lawyers a good name and when B acted the “doofus,” Chegwidden (C) had to tell him that “joking was Admiral’s Privilege.”
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