To Russia With Love – 61

[The JAG season finale and ‘cliff-hanger – A very key episode especially considering that the creator, Donald Bellisario, appeared in a cameo (but pivotal) role: ‘Hugh Blackadder,’ Harm’s stepfather’s Russian friend]

JAG officer Harm’s (H) Russian nemesis, Parlovski, sent H a photo of his father in Russia with a note that said “this one’s for real.” Webb (W) told H the names of the person’s in the photo and revealed that Viktor Lushov, standing next to Rabb Sr., was a Russian pilot who had interrogated downed pilots in Vietnam, and was now working in San Diego. Harm flew there to inform his mother, Trish, and stepfather Frank Burnett about everything. Trish gave H an “if I don’t come back” tape of his father’s, that he’d never heard; and, Frank told him that “although you never thought of me as a father, you are the only son I’ve ever had” and offered help through Hugh Blackadder in Russia.
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Wedding Bell Blues – 60

A male stripper got JAG officer, Harm’s (H) dress white uniform by mistake from an incompetent East Indian cleaner and used it in his act gaining front page publicity of his: naked backside, Lt. Cdr. stripes, aviators wings and JAG “mill rinde” – who else could it be? Harm had taken it to be cleaned for participation in Bud (B) and Harriet’s (Ht) wedding, so needed to retrieve it from the man (whoever he was). The idiot immigrant dry cleaner thought it was a joke and grinned insipidly as he negotiated with H to date his single daughter. Incredibly, H agreed to the blackmail in order to get the apartment address of the Joe Garvey. Unfortunately, the apartment was now occupied by a woman who tried to seduce him before revealing that Joe worked at the “rocket men” strip club. Harm finally was able to pick each article of his clothing up from the floor as they were removed one at a time during Garvey’s act. While Harm was there, he was surprised to see Harriet and her mother and Mac in the front row putting money in men’s pants for her bachelorette party. Harriet eventually decided that she “needed to see Bud” and had M take her mother home.
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Clipped Wings – 59

Lt Mark Gordon, an F14D pilot from the Coral Sea, struck a civilian helicopter in Milan Italy during NATO radar evasion exercises through a mountainous valley. Six were killed and Gallo, an opposition political leader, demanded that the US turn over the “cowboy” pilot for prosecution. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), sent Harm (H) and Mac (M) to both defend and prosecute respectively. He warned them both that Capt Jack Murphy would protect his people and was “one tough nut.” Then Chegwidden nonchalantly mentioned that his daughter Francesca was in Milan and weaseled a promise for them to look in on her.
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The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse – 58

[A good JAG episode featuring Teresa Yarwood (as Coulter) who also provided the background vocals]

The sexual tension between the JAG, Chegwidden (C), and Mac (M) was obvious when they bumped into each other in the coffee room. Harm (H) entered and said he’d quit smoking cigars last night. In the silence he asked, “any words?” and C replied, “don’t get fat.” Bud (B) and Harriet (Ht) broke in and asked C to settle two arguments about their full military wedding: “yes- let Ht wear a wedding gown” and “no- the bunny hop is out.” The skeleton of a Navaho code talker Marine PFC Jimmy Blackhorse was found in a ravine in New Zealand and was returned to his tribe for proper burial; but, it was not accepted by Margaret Blackhorse, the medicine woman, who claimed its “aura” wasn’t Jimmy’s. Blackhorse had disappeared while on R and R in New Zealand one week before he was to receive the Navy Cross for Valor. A congressman ram-rodded a bill to name a ship after him now that his remains were found.
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The Imposter – 58

Four US soldiers were killed in Algeria by Soman nerve gas, which was produced and delivered with equipment sold to them by the US through the Defense Security Division, authorized by Col Ronald Vickers, now in article 32 hearing. Clark Palmer, disguised as a deliveryman, tranquilized JAG officer Harm (H) who, along with Mac (M), was prosecuting Vickers. Palmer, DSD/Bradenhurst, drugged and bound H to make a disguise mask of Hs face so he could take Hs place in the hearing. Mac told Chegwidden (C) that Vickers wasn’t working alone and, “because he was basically an honest marine,” was having a conscience and might be the “weak link” into names of the DSD involvement.
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Death Watch – 57

[An important JAG episode which explains Harms back-story on Diane Shonke as well as flushing out Krennick’s story using flashbacks. It also gave producers the ability to use much of the footage shot for the final episode of year one but never shown due to cancellation of the series by NBC]

JAG officer Harmon Rabb (H) looked at his letters, cards and memorabilia about Diane Shonke, his former girlfriend who had been murdered – and who was the “spitting image” of his current partner Mac (M). As he was loading his weapon, M came to his apartment for a planned working dinner. He tried to put her off but she saw the weapon, the pictures of Diane and demanded an explanation. Harm told her the story (with flashbacks).
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Tiger Tiger – 55

JAG officers Bud (B) and Harm (T) were on a Tiger Cruise aboard the USS Stockdale with Josh Pendry. Bud told them that he was 11 when his father, a cook, took him aboard the Arleigh Burke and he was seasick the whole cruise. Annie won’t let Josh have anything to do with the navy so they told her that the “sailing” they were going on for the weekend wasn’t aboard a naval vessel. Josh spotted a life boat flashing SOS and the castaways were brought on board. One was “pregnant” and in labor. While H was notifying JAG, Bud was to watch Josh, who didn’t always do as he was told, and slipped away from the group to another hanger to see a Sea Hawk helicopter.
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Chains of Command – 53

Master Chief Sullivan (MC), of the Seahawk, was again charged with sexual harassment, similar to the “crossing the line” incident (in JAG season two). This time by an air controller, PO Douglas, who was in trouble for letting an F14 run out of fuel, then was promised intervention in exchange for sex. JAG officers Mac (M) and Harm (H) were sent to investigate by Chegwidden (C), and Bud (B) was forced to go along, despite his studying for a law class exam. Bud was preoccupied and ignored Harriet’s (Ht) attempts at “lovey dovey” in the office, to her annoyance and name calling.
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Yesterday’s Heroes – 52

[An almost comic JAG episode starring Ernest Borgnine]

Artemus Sullivan’s grandson was killed by the drug running speedboat of Bronco Mendoza, the son of a South American politico with diplomatic immunity; so, he became a vigilante with two of his friends and targeted Mendoza. JAG officers Harm (H), Mac (M) and Bud (B) investigate the sinking of Mendoza’s boat during a drug interception by the USS Bancroft, when boat had coincidentally exploded from an old limpet mine during the Bancroft’s firing of warning shots.
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Father’s Day – 51

The JAG, Chegwidden (C), upset with his staff over their extravagant use of the budget, told Harm (H) to bring “one case in budget” pointing out: a fire damaged carrier, an unauthorized Haiti trip, bullet riddled freighter and a lawsuit from the Bradenhurst corporation all on his watch. He assigned all three, H, Mac (M) and Bud (B), to defend corporal Daryl Wetzl, a marine tank driver who “got lost” and ran over his COs tent during a maneuver. Wetzl claimed he was distracted by worry over a custody hearing for his infant son, with his drug addicted wife. Mac got Dalton to help with the civil custody part pro bono. General Albanese, unyielding, said he “wouldn’t reward a man for having a messed up life.” Harm eventually got Albanese to agree to a change of venue to Paris Island which, under Cs new austerity program, would mean they had to travel many hours by car.
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With Intent to Die – 50

Vice Admiral Bill Clancy, a post Vietnam mentor of the JAG, Chegwidden’s (C), from the USS Farragut, was shot while hunting and it was ruled a suicide. Chegwidden didn’t believe it for a minute and had Harm (H) and Mac (M) investigate the incident despite their obvious prejudice toward the suicide evidence. They talked to the hunting guide, Craig Allenby, and hunting partners Admiral Paul Whelan and Deputy Secretary of Defense Mitchell Schoenfield. Allenby said that Clancy had gone behind a tree to relieve himself when he heard a shot. The others said that Clancy was depressed and despondent over loosing funding for a pet project. Whelan was arrogant and rude about Clancy’s weakness and being “in over his head” and told C that he though C was “made from the same mold.”
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Someone to Watch Over Annie – 49

Mac (M) was made acting head of section by the JAG, Chegwidden (C) which would change her career path to administration instead of legal investigation. She tried to refuse but C wouldn’t accept any of her excuses and assigned her first project to be upgrading all the office’s computers. Harm (H) could tell she wasn’t happy and felt C was “paying her back” for her resignation.
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