Goodbyes – 85

[This was the JAF seasons cliffhanger as DJE’s next year contract not settled.]

Charlie Lynch was back and came after Dar-Lin. He killed his old Master Chief, who had gotten him discharged, then a motel owner and Dar-Lin’s aunt. He told a bar maid that he was trying to settle some scores and start over again. JAG officer Harmon Rabb (H) told Mac (M) that he wanted to see what he had missed by loosing his sight. He said he wanted to start with a clean slate and she observed that “you have anything BUT a clean slate.” Lynch impersonated a step-brother, trying to get information from the social worker; but, she was on to him and reported him to NCIS. However, a loose lipped policeman told him everything he wanted to know including Hs name. Before H could move Dar-lin to another safe-house, Lynch got some stationary from the SECNAV and got entry to the base. He shot the sentry and foster mother then kidnapped Dar-Lin. He took her to his old decommissioned ship where H confronted him before agent Holland and backup arrived. Charlie attacked H with an axe so H shot him. Jordan helped Dar-lin but was distant to H.
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Yeah Baby – 84

[An Important episode in JAG history. Harm leaves JAG and they make the “5-year baby promise.”]

Harm (H) had a dream of his night carrier crash that killed his RIO. Mac (M) had a dream of kissing Brumby (Brum) in an elevator. Jordan came to cook H breakfast and saw his letter of request for change of designator and transfer, which upset her. Harriet (Ht) was grousing at Bud (B) for grimacing when she insisted on talking about “breast pumps” in the middle of JAG. Harm gave Chegwidden (C) his request for reassignment. Initially C was pleasant but as H ignored his logic about “backward stepping” he became more agitated and dismissed him. Jordan came to Hs apartment to confront him and said “I’ve never been dumped for an airplane.” She said she fell in love with a lawyer and not a fighter pilot and stormed out saying “call me when you’ve made up your mind.”
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Soul Searching – 83

Harm’s (H) Corvette was stolen and he got hung up in the telephone menus to the police when trying to report it. Brumby (Brum) flippantly told H that it probably had been chopped up so “just let it go.” Mac (M) finally helped H report it to a detective friend of hers who didn’t hold much hope either. Harriet (Ht) drug Bud (B) to car lots in order to buy a minivan for their upcoming baby. She succumbed to a hot shot salesman and wanted a van with all the bells and whistles which cost more than B made in a year.
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Wilderness of Mirrors – 82

Chegwidden (C) was scheduled to argue a case before the supreme court having to do with a sailor who developed aids, thereby earning his “silver quill pen.” He decided to hold a Moot court on a Saturday in order to prepare and asked everyone to come and be mock judges. Harm (H) had planed to go sailing with Jordan but didn’t say anything about it so Mac (M) spoke up for him. Chegwidden gave M, Bud (B) and Brumby (Brum) robes for the occasion and made B the mock “chief justice.” The SECNAV came to try and get C to let a “justice weenie” argue the case. Chegwidden accused him of not trusting him and said that arguing before the supreme court for a lawyer was like planting the flag on Sarabachi and he not only was capable but intended to win. Bud agreed with one of Cs arguments one time and was roundly chastised and told to be “aggressive.” B was shown making several very technical points and eventually got so carried away that he became belligerent and abusive to C, telling him to sit down. Mac jumped in and extended the time so C could make his argument and was able to “win” his point. However, M came to Cs house after she was relieved from watch to inform him that the sailor in question had resigned his commission thereby canceling the case. Chegwidden couldn’t be comforted and told her that “the other side retreated, there’s no satisfaction in that!” When B apologized for his belligerence C told him that he could be a great lawyer, to just let his style develop naturally and not to fire any weapons in the courtroom.
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Second Sight – 81

[Lots happening in this episode. Joseph MacKenzie, Mac’s estranged father and Deanne, her mother, are introduced. Harm has surgery to restore his night vision.]

Father Genaro, a priest in a hospice center called to notified Mac (M) that her father, Joseph MacKenzie, was in a hospice dying and wanted her to be there. Harm (H) gave her an eloquent talk about obtaining “closure.” He asked “why is it that we think it’s a good thing to bury things, pretend they don’t matter.” She got upset when he told her that much of her life, Marine Corps, alcoholism, and relationships with men, had been influenced by her father. He said unless she got closure “every time a man got close you’ll push them away.” She arrived just after her father went into a coma and was so upset she retched as she re-lived abusive situations as a child. She pounded on her father saying he couldn’t die then attacked a soda pop machine.
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The Adversaries – 80

JAG officer Harm (H) swore in Bud (B) as a Lieutenant and Bud’s father Big Bud (BB) appeared unexpectedly, in uniform. He had been ordered back to duty to stand court-martial for stealing VCRs and Televisions from the Navy while he had been chief of stores on his base. An owner of Dobie Electronics, Glen Dobie, was caught with stolen electronics that had altered serial numbers. He was given immunity when he offered to give them BBs name. All records had disappeared mysteriously. He asked B to defend him and laid it on thick to Chegwidden (C) about being proud of B and wanting to get closer to his kids. Chegwidden allowed B to defend him and said “God help you both.”
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Shakedown – 79

[The JAG, Chegwidden’s, “adopted” son is introduced and found to have leukemia.]

The USS Coral Sea was experiencing chronic severe power interruptions while in the middle of flight operations in the no-fly zone. A steam pipe failure with severe injuries brought JAG officers Harm (H) and Mac (M) to investigate. A civilian contractor, Yarborrough, told them that the ship had failures for some time, including lock-outs, system crashes, and false alarms. He was described by the crew as a “smart guy who likes to remind you of it.” They met another civilian contractor, John Newman, when examining the failed pipe and discoverdd that acid had been applied to it. Harm had to rush M to the wash down station when her gloves began burning from the acid. Harm went to the bridge during a “rumble” and everyone watched him as he “armchair quarterbacked” the downing of two Iraqi MIGs. Mac observed to H that “you were good weren’t you?” He responded that “I still am, and status current.” Mac felt the need to pontificate at him about “never being able to go back, because you’re too important to JAG.” He told her it “wasn’t my choice.”
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Nobody’s Child – 78

An unknown girl was beaten to death on abandoned naval property which was being turned over to DC. Although not a student, she stowed away on a school bus which was touring the base but sneaked away and was chased down by a naval Master Chief. The JAG Chegwidden (C) assigned Harm (H) and Mac (M) to see to it that the ball wasn’t dropped. Agent Holland was investigating for NCIS and they found a Master Chief insignia in the girls hand. While there, H seemed contemplative and saw the girl in sort of a vision. He sent M on back and he stayed with the body while the autopsy was performed. He asked C to be assigned to the case and was allowed. Eventually he brought in Doctor Coulter to perform another, more thorough, autopsy and she found that the child had died from severe abuse including being locked away and needing to eat paper to survive. No one had reported a child missing and H and Coulter held a burial service and read from the bible.
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Silent Service – 77

The submarine Watertown surfaced in middle of norwegian sailboats and the JAG, Chegwidden (C) sent his officers Harm (H) and Mac (M) to investigate while they were having significant disagreements. Commander Flagler gave M XO Eustis’ Palm Pilot to use while she was aboard. Mess Chief Basilio said that the boat was “not right,” having more injuries and illnesses than he’d seen in 7 years. An entire watch got E Coli dysentery, ruptured eardrum and scabies requiring sterilization of the entire mess. He said the corpsman was the “hardest working squid on the boat.”
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Rivers’ Run – 76

A teenager, Brian Yarrow, was shot and killed in a national forest where a SEAL team was conducting exercises. Lt Rivers had received gunfire and returned fire only to find the dead boy. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), sent Harm (H) and Mac (M) to investigate. FBI special agent Al Grenin, who previously, maliciously had charged H for murdering a Russian mafia agent, said the FBI was tracking a federal building bombing fugitive in the area. Warren Toobin, whose bomb had killed a man, had become a local “folk hero” for the area’s separatists. They left food and supplies for Toobin. Rivers told H and M that his team was only traversing through the forest to get to their normal exercise area and he had been shot at. When he heard that no gun was found he went UA to track who had made the shot and caused him to kill the boy. Chegwidden gave H and M 24 hours to bring Rivers in before filing UA charges.
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Webb of Lies – 75

Webb (W) called Harm (H) from a ship, where he was under fire; but, H was kissing Jordie at the time so he couldn’t be bothered answering. By the time H picked up the reciever, the phone went dead. The next day the JAG, Chegwidden (C), was notified that Ws burned body was found on a freighter and he assigned Mac (M) and H to find out who did it. CIA agent Paul Candella broke into Hs apartment saying he was investigating Ws one minute call the night before. Bud (B) found that a Japanese scientist, Shoei Wakita, was one of the bodies found with W and he had been working on a superconductor. When Wakita found out that the Bradenhurst corporation was funding the research, he disappeared with the prototype. And when H heard the words “Bradenhurst,” he immediately went to Leavenworth to interrogate Clark Palmer, but found an imposter there serving his sentence. Harm knew the murders on the freighter weren’t performed by Palmer – they were too messy.
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War Stories – 74

The JAG,Chegwidden C, assigned Mac (M) and Bud (B) to defend Commander Thomas Risnicki, leader of SEAL team 8, who was charged with involuntary manslaughter and disobeying orders. He had delayed his assigned rescue mission for 2.5 hours due to adiabatic fog (which probably would have killed the team) then found that the three NATO hostages had been hung. They had been killed by an ultra radical faction of the Yugoslav army who had given NATO one day to leave the country. When the team arrived 37 minutes late the observers were dead and the SECNAV told C “you could hear NATO Commander, Major General Richard Plesac’s screams all the way to the White House.” Chegwidden appointed Harm (H) to act as JAG during his “forced” use of vacation time.
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Dungaree Justice – 73

[A follow-up to the episode where Mac confessed to killing her estranged ex-con husband]

Mattoni prosecuted Mac (M) for “lying” in the court-martial of her and her ex-CO, John Farrow, over the death of Christopher Ragle her estranged, (but not divorced) ex-con, husband. Harm (H) defended her arguing that it wasn’t to avoid punishment or even germane to the case because they were wrongly charged so it didn’t rise to the level of perjury. Adm Morris agreed and sent her to Captains mast before Chegwidden (C) who wasn’t very happy. He chewed her out for not only lying but for not trusting him and making him think she had murdered her husband. He said he was withdrawing his recommendation for her early promotion to Lt Colonel and would dismiss her from JAG if she ever lied again.
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